Pac-Man World 2

File Name:Pac-Man World 2 (USA).7z
Year of release:2002

Pac-Man World 2 ROM Download for GameCube

The game was released in 2002 for Xbox, PlayStation 2, GBA and GameCube by Namco. It's a 3D platforming game in which you control the character of Pac-Man. You have to cross some twenty levels, full of ghosts, pits, monsters and other obstacles. You have to recover the five golden fruit stolen by the band of ghosts, which continuously terrifies Pac-World. Older Pacs have trapped an evil under the tree which has golden fruit. After the ghost steals the fruits, it unleashes the monster upon the world. Professor Pac summons Pac man to recover all the stolen fruit and stop the threat. 


The player controls Pac-Man and steers him to the end of each level. Pac-Man has many abilities like the Rev Roll, which can launch Pac-Man over long gaps; a jumping Flip Kick to attack airborne enemies, and the Butt-Bounce, which can attack enemies from the above. If Pac-Man eats special Power-Pellets, then it gives temporary power-ups like shrinking in size, turns into a metal or to eat ghost enemies. There is a health bar, and if the health decreases, the player will lose a life. Each level ends with a boss battle. After its completion, players can replay it in the Time Trial Mode. Non-boss levels also have collectable arcade tokens from which eight are hidden. If the player collects a specific amount of them, then they can unlock emulated forms of the other Pac-Man games such as Pac-Attack, Pac-Man, Ms Pac-Man and Pac-mania. 


  1. The game's boss battles are outstanding and worth mentioning, they are against the four ghosts. Each boss has a weakness, and the player has to exploit it. The actions involve a combination of dashes and jumps.

  2. There are a total of six worlds, and each has at least one new element of gameplay, which keeps the game interesting.  

  3. Pac-Man World 2's entire presentation and graphics are fantastic. The game makes excellent use of the classic's design.


Best Emulator for Pac- Man World 2

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