Mario Party 7

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File Name: Mario Party 7 (USA).7z
Console/System: GameCube
Genre: Misc
Filesize: unknown
Region: USA
Year of release: 2005
Downloads: 23300

Mario Party 7 ROM Download for GameCube


Mario Party 7 is the seventh instalment of the Mario Party series which is developed by Hudson Soft. This party video game features twelve characters, including two new characters named Birdo and Dry Bones. The game also makes use of the microphone peripheral introduced in the Mario 6. 




The aim of Mario Party 7 is to gather stars; however, each board requires it differently. Here the players are split into different teams of two, and they need to share the controller. Surprisingly, there are 88 minigames in Mario Party 7 and each one being different from each other according to the respective category of games. Apart from this, there are extra minigames which the player must purchase in the game to unlock.  

Browser Time is another new addition to the Mario Party 7. Browser Time is a type of event which occurs only after every five turns during a Party Cruise match. The meter on the screen increases by 20% after each minigame and the player can hinder when the meter becomes full; hence the browser appears. 


Best Emulator for Mario Party 7 ROM


An emulator called GameCube must be first downloaded and installed on your device in order to play Mario Party 7, party video game. There are a set of other GameCube emulators which might be suitable for your Windows PC and MAC specifically, Dolphin GameCube Emulator, which is more secure to use and has its way to fight the malware. Whine and Dolwin are also other emulators for Windows PC.


Similar Games


If you are a Mario Party games addict and love playing them, then you should certainly check out other games related to Mario Party 7. I guarantee you that it would be equally fun and exciting to play. They are listed as follows.


  1. Mario Party 6
    Here in the Mario Party 6, we can add up to 4 players who take turns moving on the board game-style stages. The player often plays multiplayer minigames to earn coins and other beneficiaries. Before completing a set of turns, the player aims to gather most of the coins and stars.
    The changes made to this version include the appearance of different characters, changes in the minigames and the movement of spaces. This change mainly reflects in two new characters named Brighton and Twila, who represent the sun and the moon. 
  2. Mario Party 5
    The game comes under the fifth instalment of the Mario Party series. The game is based on a board game, which  is played by the characters in Mario. Just like the rest of the Mario Party games, here the player's main aim is to obtain as many coins as possible and win the game.
    Here Party Mode is the primary multiplayer mode which involves its predecessor, and the player can adjust the number of turns in a game.

  3. Super Mario Party
    The game shows the return of the classic Mario, Party style gameplay which includes Party Mode, Game Mode and the features which allows four players to take turns and navigate the board.
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