Pokemon Colosseum

File Name:Pokemon Colosseum (USA).7z
Year of release:2004

Pokemon Colosseum ROM Download for Nintendo DS


Pokémon Colosseum is an RPG-style game. The game starts in the headquarters of Team Snagem, are a group of thieves and criminals based in the Orre region. After some levels, battle with a goon named, Folly starts. A strange Pokémon is spotted by a girl named Rui, who later accompanies the player. The Mayor of the town is informed about the incident of a strange Pokémon. As more battles take place, the number of Poke balls increases. 

Some thugs take over Phenac city. After that, the player rescues the Mayor. After Shadow Pokémon is gathered, the next town is the target. Cipher, the shady group, is the creator of Shadow Pokémon. Mayor's true evil identity reveals and later faces defeat in the end. There is a post-ending to the game as there is an ongoing suspicious activity. The main aim is to capture all Shadow Pokémon.


The game's battle mode is "Save them all", and the game's story mode is "Worlds Collide!" There are two battle modes- Colosseum Battle and Battle Now. It is a multi-layered game.

There are 51 characters in all, out of which some main characters of the game are Gonzap, Michael, Miror B, Espeon, Umbreon, Secc, Evice, Nascour, Cipher, Rui and Wes.


Best Emulator for Pokemon Colosseum


Nintendo released the Pokémon Colosseum on the GameCube console. To play Pokémon Colosseum on Pc, one requires an emulator. The most preferred emulator is Dolphin.

Features of Dolphin emulator are:

Some other emulators are Dolwin Gamecube, Whine Cube, SuperGCube, GCEMU and Gekko.

All emulators are available for download on Windows.


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