Metroid Prime 2 Echoes

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File Name: Metroid Prime 2 - Echoes (USA).7z
Console/System: GameCube
Genre: Action
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Region: USA
Year of release: 2004
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Metroid Prime 2 Echoes ROM Download for GameCube


 According to video game enthusiasts, Metroid Prime is one of the best games ever created. It is a fantastic sequel to the Metroid. Someone who has played the original game will be familiar with the premise. The level structure, weapon, pacing and upgrade advancements, and puzzles, they are all kind of similar to the previous game and stands shoulder to shoulder along with its predecessor. You will get everything that you expect from a Metroid adventure game.



The gameplay is the same as the original. It is an action-adventure game where you play as Samus Aran, a mighty and mysterious bounty hunter. You have to solve puzzles to uncover the secrets. The challenges range from solving environmental puzzles to chaotic "boss" battles. Samus's powers mostly come from high-tech armour, upgrades to her weapon and visors.


The game takes place in a planet called Aethor, occupied by the race known as Luminoth. The Luminoth live in peace, protecting the planet's natural energy the "Light of Aethor". However, a meteor collides in the Aethor and creates an alternate dimension known as Dark Aethor. Dark Aethor harbours Ing shape-shifting evil creatures who want to destroy Luminoth. Thus, the war between Ing and Luminoths begins.


The galactic federation marine cop's patrol sees a pirate's ship leaving Aethor and altercation happens between them. When the federation is unable to locate their other marines, they ask for help from Samus Aran. While looking for Marines, she finds their ship and that all the troops are dead. But, suddenly, the dead army wakes up and start attacking. From here starts the adventures of Samus Aran. 

Best Emulator for Metroid Prime 2 Echoes

 You will require game cube emulators to play this game. 

Emulators are the programs that let you emulate the physical hardware on the computer. Nintendo released game cube in the year 2001 and it is the successor to the previously released emulator N64. You can play the game on the following emulators-

  1. Dolphin emulator - if you are searching for an Emulator to run GameCube, Dolphin Emulator is the best choice. You can play games on HD Quality (1080p resolution).

  2. Dolwin emulator- This emulator is designed in C language. It has a friendly interface. The Dolwin emulator for game cube Roms supports hardware emulation and high-level emulation. However, it is still not able to run commercial games at the moment. It's fast and stable.

  3. Cube emulator- This GameCube emulator allows GameCube games to run on PC. It has good sound emulation and high level of graphics. However, it does have stability issues.

Similar Games

 Let us look at some of the game similar to Metroid prime two echoes that you will enjoy.

    1. Metroid: Zero mission

It is for game boy advance and the remake of the original Metroid game. The game takes place on planet Zebes. You are Samos Aran, who is protecting Zebes from the pirates. The pirates want to replicate Metroid's- mysterious creatures who, if attached to a body, can kill the host. When marines fail to stop the pirates, they ask for help from the bounty hunter, Samus Aran.

     2. Super Metroid

You can play this game on SNES. The story continues from its last part. After defeating pirates, Samus brings back a baby Metroid to the Ceres space colony for studying. The scientist finds out that the Metroid powers can help humanity. But after leaving, she gets a panic call from Ceres Space Colony that all the scientist are dead. When she comes back to Zebes, she finds out that the pirate base is built up again. And from here begins her adventure.

     3. Metroid fusion

It is an action-adventure game in which player controls Samus Aran. Samus Aran explores the planet SR388. There, a parasitic creature named X attacks her and affects her central nervous system. The scientist saves her by injecting vaccines made from baby Metroid which she kept in the previous games. After waking up, she hears an explosion on the BSL station, and rushes there to investigate.


You can play this game on game boy advance emulator.






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