Need For Speed Underground 2

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File Name: Need for Speed - Underground 2 (USA).7z
Console/System: GameCube
Genre: Action
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Region: USA
Year of release: 2003
Downloads: 31145

Need For Speed Underground 2 ROM Download for GameCube


This cross-platform racing game is for those who love racing. Need for Speed Underground 2 was released in 2004 and was developed by Electronic Arts. Need for Speed Underground 2 attempts to infuse a story into your career mode utilizing static-picture cut scenes that spring up before individual races. The impact is like what the Max Payne series does with its non-engaging sequences. 




In the gameplay, you're shipped off to another town in the wake of getting trapped by an adversary racing group, and you'll need to begin without any preparation with one vehicle and a small bunch of competitions to make you go.

One of the specialized features of Underground two is drifting. In the game, the player is required to drift with three different contenders simultaneously on the parkade tracks. When the player effectively slides the vehicle and completes each drift without hitting any dividers or traffic points are awarded accordingly. No nitrous oxide is permitted in the game. When you start your gaming journey, you'll begin in some moderate vehicles, so in the initial phase, racing isn't energizing until you procure enough for a full pair of advanced and well-performing parts. In any case, whenever you've done as such, the racing is fun, and the vehicles handle well. The cars are quick, and things like power sliding, turning the car and legitimate cornering strategy are anything but difficult to get.


Best Emulator for Need for Speed Underground 2


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