Alien vs. Predator

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Alien vs. Predator ROM Download for Mame


The concept of Alien Vs. Predator is trendy and loved by many people and has been displayed in this game. Launched in 2010, Rebellion Developments developed this game. You start as a marine in this game, where initially, you are separated from your team when your ship encounters an accident. Then, you aim to get systems back online and find out the remaining marines in the wrecked human colony. Also, you can play as the predator or the alien, depending upon your choice. Both gameplay characters have their storyline and gameplay. When you play as an alien, the game begins in a laboratory, and when you play as a predator, the game starts in a jungle.




The Marine gameplay offers you a first-person shooter experience where you carry with you a comprehensive set of weapons. These weapons consist of flamethrowers, pulse rifles, and auto-tracking smart guns. Predator has unique gameplay where he stalks the prey from treetops. There are many modes of vision that a predator can use to his advantage. These various modes include thermal imaging, night mode, and a mode for recognizing aliens. The combat system of aliens is based on close engagements where an alien would indulge nearby fights. Additionally, an alien can harm its opponent by using claws and tails.



Reviews for this game are stated to be mixed or average reviews given by various critics and reviewing websites. This game has been praised for its amazing and engaging gaming atmosphere and its unique approach to the multiplayer system by Official Xbox Magazine UK. But it has been criticized for its melee combat system which looks odd, and the ability of a marine to knock out an alien without getting harmed. Metacritic has given the game average reviews and a score of 68/100. Other websites have also given scores to this game which are 7/10 by IGN and 4/5 GamesRadar.


Best Gaming Emulator for Aliens Vs. Predator


MAME is a great emulator which lets you play many of the old games which are either too old to be played on other emulators, or even if they are playable, you witness many slowdowns and errors. With high-resolution quality, whichever game you play would perform efficiently well on this emulator. Improved video support and compatibility with TV displays would only add on the fun in the gaming experience which you would get after playing a game like Alien VS Predator on MAME. There are many Mame emulators which you can run on different devices with different operating systems such as Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux. Some of these emulators are Advanced MAME, DEfMAME, KBMAME, and MAME Plus.


Similar Games:


Alien VS Predator: Extinction

Instead of just focusing on combat systems or action, this game also focuses on other aspects such as resource gathering, real-time strategy, unit management, and base building. In each game mode, you are given limited resources with which you are required to advance in the game, killing enemies, completing missions, etc.

 Alien VS Predator 2 

Just like the previous version of this series, this game also offers three gameplay characters to choose from. But many improvements have been made to the combat system and multiplayer system.

 Alien VS Predator: Requiem


There are a total of 15 missions in this game which you are required to complete when you play this game in single-player mode. Predator’s weapons are available to the player also with many new weapons.





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