Golden Axe The Revenge of Death Adder

File Name:ga2.zip
Year of release:1992

Golden Axe the Revenge of Death Adder ROM Download for Mame


It's a hash and slash arcade game released in 1992 by Sega. It's the second title of the original Golden Axe. Compared to its predecessor, this game has some new additions, improvements, detailed graphics, and new selectable characters. The maximum number of simultaneous players also doubles from two to four. The game amplifies the action and has quite a lot of different enemies. Each character has its traits and style, different from the other characters.

The game takes place some year after the events of the first one. The Death Adder is now back to take revenge on all of those who defeated him. He only finds Gillius Thunderhead, who once again takes the fight towards the evil warlord. There are additions of new characters such as Dora, a female centaur, Stern, a barbarian with a sword, Trix, a trident who can heal others, and Guoh, a giant.



There are some additions in the gameplay as compared to its last part. The players can now switch characters, and there are some new features and enemies. The players have to defeat the giant squids, tribal men, and the grim reaper. The significant change is the addition of branching paths. The two highpoints are an undead dragon and a giant mantis that breaks the enemy's neck. There are variations on mounts, such as a scorpion that creates electricity with its claws and fire-breathing mantis. The players also have varieties of weapons like Mini catapults and ballista are dispersed throughout the levels. The fighting mechanics include kick attacks that shock the enemies, running jump, and so on. There are also power-ups that the players can collect when they smash wooden crates and switches. The best part is the game allows the players to continue as many times as they want.

Best Emulator for Golden Axe the Revenge of Death Adder

You will need a MAME emulator to play this game. It is a multipurpose emulator that runs arcade and vintage games on many platforms successfully. MAME4droid is the MAME emulator for android, and for Windows, it is MAME0.204b. You can also use RetroArch as being a multipurpose, open-source emulator that runs all the classic games flawlessly. 


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