Metal Slug 3

Metal Slug 3 is the third sequence of the Neo Geo famous Metal Slug series. Yet in another war challenge with some zombies, aliens, war enemies and even strange and deadly creatures.

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Year of release: 2000
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Metal Slug 3 ROM Download for Mame 


Metal Slug 3, released in the year 2000 is a run and gun type video game which is developed by SNK Corporation. It is a part of the Metal Slug series and is a direct sequel to the Metal Slug 2. Later, the game was ported to Xbox, Android, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Microsoft Windows and iOS. 


Just like in the previous Metal Slug games, the player must shoot steadily at a constant stream of enemies in order to reach at the end of each level. However, the game has introduced new features like vehicles and weapons. On the path through each stage, the player can discover various weapon upgrades and Metal Slug tanks. 


Other than shooting, the player can perform melee attacks by the use of a knife or kicking. Also, the player does not die by coming into connection with enemies, and besides, most of the enemy troops also have melee attacks. 


Best Emulator for Metal Slug 3 ROM


To play Metal Slug 3 ROM, you need to install Mame (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) on your device. Mame emulators are one of the most incredible emulators for you to play a wide variety of video games on your device. Some of the Mame emulators which are best for Windows PC are RetroArch and MAME. For MAC users, SDLMAME is the best MAME emulator. 


Similar Games


There are a lot of other games in the Metal Slug video game series, and you might like to play after playing Metal Slug 3. Three related games are below. 


  1.  Metal Slug
    The players take control of the characters Peregrine Falcon Strike Force soldiers Tarma Roving and Marco Rossi, on a battle against the Rebel Army commanded by Donald Morden and overthrow his coup d'état (removal of exciting government) to stop a New World Order. The game comprises a total of six missions taking place across areas such as forests, canyons, garrisoned cities, snowy mountain valleys, and military bases. 

  2. Metal Slug 4
    Metal Slug 4 is the fourth game in the series of Metal Slug video games. The game is similar to previous gameplay but with some additional features such as numerous vehicles, weapons, bosses, a bonus combo system and new enemies. The bonus scoring system grants the player to be rewarded depending on how many enemies they killed in the allotted time. 

  3. Metal Slug 5
    Metal Slug 5 comes under the fifth game in the Metal Slug series, and the events take place one year after Metal Slug 7. The plot of the game is where a special disc which contains deep and complex secrets about the Metal Slug project gets stolen by a mysterious organisation called the Ptolemaic Army, whose speciality lies within archaeological mining and spying.


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