Pac-Man is one of the oldest arcade games dating form 80's and is considered as one of the arcade classics. It is still popular and played with lot of versions and modifications coming after the first PacMan game by Namco.

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Pac-Man ROM Download for Mame


Pac-Man, released in the year 1980, is a maze arcade video game under the Pac-Man video games series. Namco developed the game and published it for the Mame (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator). It is one of the oldest arcade games but still is famous and played by many. 




The player takes control of Pac-Man, who should eat all the dots that are inside the maze while avoiding the four colored ghosts named Clyde (orange), Blinky (red), Inly (cyan), and Pinky (pink). The player progresses to the next level after eating all the dots. All the four ghosts have their unique personalities or distinct artificial intelligence like Clyde can switch between chasing Pac-Man and escaping from him. Blinky gives direct chase to Pac-Man, and Inky and Pinky attempt to position themselves in front of Pac-Man, typically trapping him. 

Additionally, when the player eats large flashing dots named Energizers, the ghosts turn blue and thus enable Pac-Man to eat them to get bonus points. And, when the players eat a specific number of dots, the bonus items will increase. If the player makes any touch or contact with the ghosts, they will lose a life, and the game reaches an end when lives are lost. 


Best Emulator for Pac-Man ROM 


To play Pac-Man, you need to download and run a Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME) on your device. A few of the best Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator WPC MAME, MAMEFANS32, DEfMAME, ADVANCE MAME, SmoothMAME, MAME PLUS MULTIJET, and KBMAME. You can run these emulators on BSD, Windows PC, MAC OS, and Amiga. However, every platform won't be supporting all the emulators. 


Similar Games


After playing Pac-Man, you may even like other similar games in the Pac-Man video games series. A few of the Pac-Man similar games are listed below. 


  1. Pac-Man
    It is a maze arcade video game that is a sequel to Pac-Man and comes under the Pac-Man video games series. In this game, the player needs to eat all of the pellets in an encircled maze while bypassing four colored ghosts. When the player eats large flashing Power Pallets, the ghosts will turn into blue color and fly away. Although the gameplay is similar to Pac-man, there are some differences. It includes four mazes that appear in different color designs, the behavioral patterns of the monsters are different; there are two sets of wrap tunnels in three of the four mazes, etc. 

  2. Super Pac-Man
    It is a maze type of chase arcade video game where the gameplay mechanics are altered from the first two games in the Pac-Man series. Here, rather than eating the dots, the player requires to eat keys to open doors that open up sections of the maze that comprises fruits. And when the player eats all food, they progress to the next level of the game, and Pac-Man can enter inside the ghost house without having any key. 

  3. Baby Pac-Man
    It is a pinball and hybrid maze video game, where the play starts on a video screen, and the player controls Baby Pac-Man through a maze. Almost all the gameplay mechanics are similar to Pac-Man. However, the game begins with no energizers that enable Baby Pac-Man to eat the ghosts. In the Pinball mode, the player hits all their targets with a metal ball managing two button-operated flippers.


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