Ms. Pac-Man

It's the same game like Pac-Man, have the same style of playing. You need good strategy to win.

File Name:mspacman.zip
Year of release:1981

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Pac Man series is famous for its maze arcade game structure, and similarly, Ms. Pac-Man is no different. Developed by General Computer Corporation, this game was released in 1982. Ms. Pac-Man game is the female version of Pac Man with few improvements and modifications. There is the concept of maze navigation more broadly in this game. The fruit jumps around in the maze to move ahead in the game. Compared to Pac Man, this version of the game has many more levels and stages, and also, the cutscenes are much more detailed. 

Ms. Pac Man has been a great hit as it has been able to earn the title of Videogame of the year at the 1983 Arcade awards. Electronic Gaming Monthly has awarded some very positive reviews to this game, stating that the gameplay is very engaging and various enhancements in the game make it very much appealing. Doctor Devon of GamePro has criticized the game's controls, saying that this game's gaming controls can be quite frustrating.




The gameplay character Ms. Pac Man has a bow on the head, describing it as a female gameplay character. By avoiding monsters and eating pellets in the game, you can earn several points, but you must not contact any monster because it would cost you a life. You can also eat monsters in the game once you eat an energizer, which will allow you to earn extra points. Consuming bonus fruits in each level in the game can increase the value of your points. As you progress ahead in the game, the difficulty of the level increases also increasing speed. Four mazes appear in this game, all based on different colour schemes. Various colours of the maze include pink, light blue, brown, and dark blue.


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  2. Pac-Man World 2- As Pac-Man, you get various abilities in this game such as Rev Roll, with the help of which Pac Man can be launched over huge gaps and breaks, attack monsters from above with the help of butt bounce, and airborne enemies can be struck with the use of flip kick.
  3. Pac-Man World 3- You can experience both action and combat in this version of the Pac-Man. The player can earn points by eating pellets and fruits in each stage of the game. Many moves from the previous games have been modified to provide better interaction and engagement.


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