WWF WrestleFest

WWF WrestleFest is a game that simulates wrestling matches and you can play one vs one or two vs two.

File Name:wwfwfest.zip
Year of release:1991

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WWF WrestleFest is a video game launched by Technos in 1991, highlighting the superstars of the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). It was launched in Japan and North America by Technos and in Europe and Australasia by Tecmo. It is a sequel of Technos' previous WWF game, WWF Superstars. Compared to Superstars, WrestleFest mixes it up of various wrestlers to the list just as improved illustrations and sound. There are more voice tests, including analysis and pre-coordinated presentations by WWF ring broadcaster Mike McGuirk.


The voice cut-scenes highlight the Gene Okerlund from Superstars returned as well. THQ launched a remake of the game for iOS including both current and previous wrestlers on February 21, 2012; retitled WWE WrestleFest. WrestleFest also mimics proficient wrestling matches.


The game adds up to four concurrent players and the capacity to insert more attributes into the machine to purchase energy. Two methods of playing are available. In the new Royal Rumble mode, the player picks only one of the wrestlers and takes him through a Royal Rumble match. In Saturday Night's main event mode, the player must pick any two wrestlers to form a team and take them through a progression of matches, including a championship with the Legion of Doom.


Best Emulator for WWF WrestleFest


You can use MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) emulators to play WWF WrestleFest on your PCs. One of the most prominent MAME emulators is MAME Plus. This application has features like multilingual support, customized video effects, and much more. MAME Plus is a free and open-source emulator which was launched by Nicola Salmoria in 1997. This application can offer you real gaming experience as it enhances the 3D graphics of a game. You can also use various other MAME emulators like KBMAME, SmoothMAME, WPC MAME, and many more.


Similar Games


  1. Saturday Night Slam Masters- A 1993 ace wrestling arcade game launched for the CP System by Capcom. The game highlights characters by manga craftsman Tetsuo Hara, popular for Fist of the North Star. The game was trailed by a refreshed adaptation named Muscle Bomber Duo: Ultimate Team Battle in 1993, and a spin-off called Ring of Destruction: Slam Masters II in 1994.

  2.  MicroLeague Wrestling- A video game based on the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), launched in 1987 for Commodore 64 and Atari ST and in 1989 for Amiga and DOS. It was created by MicroLeague and distributed by MicroLeague. The game is important for the organization's MicroLeague sports series, which also included MicroLeague Baseball.

  3. WWF Superstars- WWF Superstars is an adventurous-arcade game developed by Technos Japan and launched in 1989. This is the first WWF arcade game to be launched. The game is installed with great specifications and some significant trademark and moves characteristics of the wrestlers in the game. Before the first match, the team which the player chooses enters the arena through the "ring cart". 


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