In Battletoads you need to help T. Bird, Rash, and Zitz get released and saved by Dark Queen's ship which is hidden below the surface of the planet Ragnarok's World

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File Name: Battletoads (USA).zip
Console/System: NES
Genre: Beat 'em up
Filesize: 185.99KB
Region: USA
Year of release: 1991
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Battletoads ROM Download for NES

Battletoads is a beat them up-platform video game released in 1991 for Nintendo entertainment system (NES). It is the first instalment in the Battletoad series and has a total of three stages. The early stages are quite fun. The first one begins, with a series of cliffs where players knock the pigs and rats and ride on fire-breathing dragons. Then they reach the end of the area and engage in a final battle. After that, the toads come down a vertical shaft and get to the game's second stage. There are piranhas and amphibians, and other hazards and toads that you have to escape; then you will reach the third stage. There are toads' pounds, enemies and few rats that jump over the boiling soups, leaping over rockets and many more. All this makes the third level full of action. 



The game has different elements like climbing, racing, obstacles courses. Players get three lives at the start of the game. The player has a total number of six-hit points which you can replenish by eating flies. Each level varies in the gameplay, but in general, it is presented as beat them up, which means the player moves forward by defeating enemies and dangerous environment. There are many combat attacks that the player can use: Jaw buster, Turbo Thwack, Battletoad Butt and many more. BT Bashing Ball is used in the second level, hanging on the Turbo Cable where the toad change over into a wrecking ball. The attacks are specific for each stage as the gameplay is different for every level. The player can use the enemy or object from the surroundings as a weapon like pipes on the wall, flagpoles, legs that break from walker and more. There are levels in the game that feature segments in the form of an obstacle course. The players have to escape a series of hindrances and obstacles. There are also many levels inside the game that are fun and exciting to play. 

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