Contra is one of the most popular Run 'n Gun games in the history of Nintendo. It reminds on the Rambo movie trilogy and surprises players with lots of different guns, interesting bosses, and challenging obstacles.

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File Name: Contra (USA).zip
Console/System: NES
Genre: Run and Gun
Filesize: 87.58KB
Region: USA
Year of release: 1987
Downloads: 24156

Contra ROM Download for NES


It is a run and gun video game that was released as an arcade game, but in 1988 it was released for the NES. The players play Bill and Lance's role, who have to stop the Red Falcon Organization from conquering the world. The players' Pea Shooter is always available, but they can pick other weapons such as Fireball, Laser, and Spread Gun. The player has to go through various environments on their quest. They range from dark alien bases to lush jungle. The game takes place in 2633 AD. Red Falcon wants to wipe out humanity, and now it's up to two commando Bill Razer and Lance Bean, to stop the enemy and unravel the alien entity that controls them. The gameplay is still fun even after 25 years later. Perhaps that is the reason that even after so many years, the game is still prevalent.




The game gives players an old-school two-player experience where they work as a team to defeat the enemies. The game is eight levels long, but the difficult part of the game is not to die. The game's design is in such a way that the players learn from failing. But until the players are out of life, the game begins right where they left. However, the players lose their good guns. There are various gun power-ups: machine gun, rapid-fire, laser, flamethrower, and a spread gun. There is also a co-op mode that players can play with their friends. Players navigate through tasks with a friend is challenging but also satisfying.

Best Emulator for Contra


If you want to run this game with fantastic quality, you need to have an NES emulator. NES emulator lets you play the classic NES game on your device. You can opt for the below-mentioned emulators: For Windows and Mac, you should use: FCEUX- it's one of the gamer-friendly NES emulators that comes with ROM hacking tools, debugging, and many more. You can even configure the controls and input settings; RetroArch gives you a perfect NES gaming experience. It's an open-source all in one free emulator. With the use of this emulator, the game runs flawlessly on any device. For Android, go for; John Ness- this emulator works for both NES and SNES consoles. It covers all of the features such as save and load states, cheat codes, hardware controller support, turbo buttons, customisable software controllers, and slow-motion support. 

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