Super Mario Bros. 3

The third sequel of Super Mario Bros. 3 is here.

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Super Mario Bros. 3 ROM Download for NES

It is a platform game released in 1988 for the Nintendo entertainment system Nintendo. The player takes control of either Mario or Luigi and goes on an adventurous journey to save Princess Toadstool from evil Bowser's clutches. It is listed as one of the greatest games of all time. 

There is lots of variety in the game that set Super Mario Bros. 3 apart from the other platformers. Even today, this game still feels fresh. 

The players encounter snapping turtles, skeletons, and mushroom-like Goombas. In the castles, the player comes across various Koopaling bosses and fights them. The level designs are unique as they do not stick to one particular style. There is a mixture of platform-jumping, swimming, forced scrolling, and switch-based puzzles. The best part is that every level has optional pipes or paths that lead to hoards of extra lives and shortcuts. There are some crazy secrets too. If the player bends down on a white slab, he/she blends with the background. 

This game was the first to adopt an overhead world containing two bosses. It's the first time that there is content outside of the levels, and they introduce world maps to the series.  

There are eight worlds, and each has its map consisting of bonus levels and secrets. In the vs. mode, Luigi and Mario fight for things in simultaneous multiplayer.



The platforming action is fantastic, and the gameplay consists of the ability to fly and pick the Koopa shells to use as weapons. There are new enemies like flying goombas, dry bones, boos, and chain chomps. This game marks the opening of various power-ups into the series. These include; The Frog Suit, the P-wing, The Tanooki Suit, and the Super Leaf. The Frog Suit is helpful in underwater levels. So, the player has to choose which power-ups to use at which level. The game allows the player to move forward in a non-linear fashion through a world map. The player can choose the route and even skip some levels. The worlds consist of various mini-games and Toad castle, which allows the player to get extra lives and gain goodies. There are flying levels and underwater levels designed beautifully. All these features, varieties are what made this game famous even after so many years. 

Best Emulator for Super Mario Bros. 3

NES is one of the most famous consoles of the 90s, and you can still play those classic games with the help of an emulator. To play Super Mario Bros.3, you will need an NES emulator. There are many options available, and here we will tell you about different NES emulators for various platforms. For windows, you can use FCEUX, Higan, and Jnes; for android, use Nesoid and Nostalgia. As for Mac, go for Nestopia or RetroArch.

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