Duck Tales

The main character in the game is the Scrooge McDuck, he travels all around the world, in the space, underground of the world searching for the five treasures. While searching for the treasure he fights with the enemies try to pass them and find the lost treasure.

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Year of release: 1989
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Duck Tales ROM Download for NES


Duck Tales is an action-adventure video game designed and published by Capcom for NES. Initially launched in North America in 1989, this game is based on the animated Disney series. The story is set on the travelling of Scrooge McDuck across the globe accumulating treasure and battling with its rival Flintheart Glomgold to become the world's richest duck. The game was applauded for its tight control, interesting and adventurous gameplay interaction and brilliant introduction, and is frequently viewed as perhaps the best title for the NES, showing up on various "Best of" records.


Game Plot


Scrooge McDuck is the main character in the game, and the player controls this character. He travels the world over and outer space looking for five treasures to additionally enhance his fortune. On the ground, Scrooge can swing his stick to fight against enemies and to tear open or toss certain objects. While jumping, Scrooge can skip on his stick also to a pogo stick and attack the rivals from above.

This likewise permits him to arrive at higher zones and bounce across dangerous territories that would hurt him by walking. En route, Scrooge can discover different jewels that are covered up inside treasure boxes or showing up in specific zones, to build his fortune and ice cream that can re-establish his health.


Best Emulator for Duck Tales

The type of gaming experience you want would decide which NES emulator you should choose. There are many NES emulators available, but we can advise you about two NES emulators that you can use for running Duck Tales game on your PC system. One is RetroArch emulator which offers a variety of customization options and features. This has become a popular choice among people, where RetroArch emulator has an interface very much similar to PlayStation 3. Another option for you could be FCEUX emulator. With the support of joystick, you get some fantastic features with FCEUX emulator like video recording, debugging, creating speedruns and ROM hacking.


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