Kirby's Adventure

Kirby is on a mission to restore the broken fountain and to bring back the piece to his land. His mission is to collect all the pieces stolen from the evil Dedede.

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Kirby's Adventure ROM Download for NES 


For people who have enjoyed fantastic platform theme-based games like Flashback, A Boy and His Blob, Aladdin, and Super Mario, then you will undoubtedly enjoy this game as well. It's called Kirby's Adventure. Here's everything you need to know about Kirby's Adventure and how you can play the game on your PC.


Game Plot


King Dedede steals the star rod and gives it to his friends, which results in Kirby thinking King Dedede is evil. Kirby defeats the King, but then she realizes that Nightmare is the real villain who moves to outer space and spreads bad dreams but eventually is stopped by Kirby. 


Game Play


Kirby's Adventure is the second instalment in the series after Kirby's Dream Land was released in 1992. The game's main plotline is that Nightmare, the game's antagonist, corrupts the fountain of dreams. The dream of a rush provides good sleep to the people of Dream Land. The gameplay is a single-player mode where the player controls Kirby. Kirby has various powers like walking left or right, crouch, and jump. Kirby's attacking way is inhaling enemies or objects and spitting them out as star-shaped bullets. He can also fly if he inflates himself.


Best Emulator for Kirby's Adventure


To play the ROM of Kirby's Adventure on PC, the user must have a console and an emulator to run it. The console required for this particular game is NES ( Nintendo Entertainment System). And download the corresponding emulator as well.


Here are our best picks of NES emulators:



Similar Games


Three games you would love if you like Kirby's Adventure. They are:

  1. Kirby's Dream Land
    This one is the first instalment in Kirby's Adventure series. This game was made keeping in mind people who are unfamiliar with action-based games. For advanced players, they have the option of additional optional challenges such as an unlockable hard mode. It has five levels which are made up of a series of large rooms. 

  2. Kirby's Return to Dream Land
    If you like the character and theme of Kirby's Adventure, then you must give this game a chance. The graphics of the games have improved significantly, making it exciting to play. The gameplay stays the same, with Kirby having similar inhaling power and copy ability. 

  3. Kirby's Pinball Land
    It is a 1993 pinball game where Kirby is the ball. The game has three pinball tables, and every table is owned by a classic boss of the Kirby series. The player scores points by bouncing Kirby off walls, bumpers and enemies.




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