The first player plays with the boy in blue and the second player controls the girl in pink. The mission is to reach the top of the colourful ice blocks and to destroy the enemies who get on your way.

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Ice Climber ROM Download for NES 


Ice Climber, released in the year 1985, is a vertical platform video game. Nintendo developed and published the game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The game has two main characters called Popo and Nana, and they are together known as Ice Climbers. 


Game Plot


The game revolves around the characters as they venture up 32 ice-covered mountains to retrieve the stolen vegetables from a large Condor. Here player one takes control of Pope, a boy who wears a blue Eskimo Parka (coat with a hood), and the second player takes control of Nana, a girl who wears a pink dress. The tool they carry around is a wooden Mallet to carve openings in the ice overhead and hit the enemies. 




There are several mountains in the game, and each of the levels comprises eight layers of multicolored ice and a bonus stage. The levels include Standard, Hatched, and Square, and the bonus stage takes place at the peak of the mountain. Also, the peak is the only place where the players can retrieve the stolen vegetables and, more notably, the eggplant. 


Best Emulator for Ice Climber ROM


Before playing the Ice Climber game, you have to download and install an emulator called Nintendo Entertainment System on your device. Some of the best Nintendo Entertainment System emulators include FCEUX, which is supported on platforms like Linux, MAC, and Windows and is also easy to install, use, and have many customization options. Other NES emulators are VirtualNES, Nestopia UE, JNES, and so on. 


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