Mega Man 6

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Year of release: 1993
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Mega Man 6 ROM Download for NES


Mega Man 6 is an action video game released in 1993 for the Nintendo entertainment system (NES). The story begins with a robot fighting tournament with participants coming from all around the world. "Mr X" proclaims that he has trained eight-strong robots and he will use them to own the world. Now it's up to Mega Man, the main character to see the tournament and overthrow Mr X plans. 

Game Plot

The story continues after the events of Mega Man 5. Dr Willy is repeatedly attacking and to stop him; an alliance was formed named Global Robot Alliance. The coalition wants to determine the world’s powerful peacekeeping robot, so they announce a tournament. Mr X is hosting the event and also participating with his robots. The peace-loving Dr Light is not taking part, but he sends Mega to supervise the competition. Mr X declares that he wants to take over the world with the help of the reprogrammed robots. Now it’s up to Mega Man to stop them and beat up the robots. 

Features of the game

  1. There are multiple routes available. You can find a hidden passage by smashing a block. To find Beat Mega man friends, you can use the alternate paths.  

  2. You can collect the letters automatically when clearing the stages, but only after defeating the real robot master. There is a fake robot master, so you to be sure that you are on the right path.

  3. There is a new armour called Rush Adaptors which allow Mega Man to merge with Rush into many new forms. There are two adaptors: power and Jet. Power allows Mega man to throw hard-hitting punches, and Jet will enable him to fly short distances.  

  4. There are many secrets in the level which makes them more attractive. There are hidden items, cracked walls, branching paths that might lead you to a fake robot master.  


Best Emulator for Mega Man 6

You can play this game on your choice of a device with the help of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) emulator. There are many NES emulator available that you can use; some of them are:


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