Ninja Gaiden

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File Name: Ninja Gaiden (USA).zip
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Region: Japanese
Year of release: 1988
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Ninja Gaiden ROM Download for NES


You would get both adventure and action in this game. Launched in 2004, Team Ninja developed this game. The gameplay character which you would play is Ryu Hayabusa which is a young ninja in the game. Many stages and levels are involved in the game where you would encounter a tough boss at the end of each level. 

Ninja Gaiden has been able to achieve a good spotlight in the minds of critics and players. It has been regarded as the most challenging and packed with adventure and action game by Greg Kasavin of GameSpot. This game has been appreciated for its third-person based perspective consisting of factors like speed, gore, depth, and length. Electronic Gaming Monthly reviewed this game as a must-have for Xbox and has also been credited as a great classic.


Game Plot


The game's story is based upon seeking vengeance when the village of Ryu Hayabusa is attacked by villains and the evil dark dragon blade placed in the town is stolen for malicious intentions. Ryu Hayabusa then, with the help of his family's legendary dragon sword, goes after the enemies. Also, there are many cutscenes involved in the game, which would further inform you about the game's story as you move ahead.

In the game's initial phase, you would only have some necessary capabilities, powers, and weapons. Still, as you would progress in the game, you would be able to build a more robust profile of yourself by various upgrades or by using newly discovered things. Ryu Hayabusa can perform ninja-like stunts and moves, including jumping off walls, acrobatic moves, swinging from one pole to another, or running on water. There are many segments of the game which together make a massive world in the game. By fighting your enemies, solving various puzzles, or finding keys, you can access these regions.


Best Emulator for Ninja Gaiden


Ninja Gaiden is a great game, and it depends upon your choice whether you want to play this game on a laptop, pc, or mobile. However, whichever device and operating system you choose, you need to make sure you have an ideal NES emulator so that your game could run efficiently. Unlike other emulators, NES emulator offers you a rewind feature to correct some of your mistakes. Turbo buttons, Wi-Fi controller support, and hardware controller support make this emulator irresistible for anyone. Different NES emulators depend upon the operating system's choice: Windows- FCEUX, Higan Android- EmuBox, John NESS Mac- Nestopia, OpenEmu Linux- ZSNES, Higan.


Similar Games


  1. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2- In this game, you would witness gigantic scale bosses on many levels you would have to fight. There is a new online cooperative gameplay mode in which you would play with an additional three characters.
  2. Ninja Gaiden 2- Several new additions have been made to the combat system of this game. Now you can easily harm your enemies and even break their body parts and disfigure their limbs. Also, the characters are now displayed in much detail and high animation.

  3. Ninja Gaiden 3- New cinema tricks are played in this game where when you cut the enemy with your sword, you can see the blade running through their bone. You can even attack the enemies from the air with the help of kunai. 


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