You choose your motorbike and you race other players. The goal is to win the race in limited time and qualifying for the championship.

File Name:Excitebike (Japan, USA).zip
Year of release:1984

Excitebike ROM Download for NES


 Developed and published by Nintendo, Excitebike is the first game in the Excite series. This motocross racing video game was initially launched in Japan in 1984 for the NES platform. Excitebike brings with 3D graphics where the player is given a choice to choose from five tracks in which to race. This game's primary target is to qualify for the Excitebike championship race by finishing at least at third position. You can earn extra points if you finish the game at the first position. Completing races unlocks more tracks and features.




Excitebike comes with three modes of gameplay. In the first mode, solo racing is involved. In the second mode, a player plays with the CPU player. In the third mode, which is also known as the Design mode, players can build their racing tracks. As soon as the Design mode is finished, the user can play and see how the track performs in the race, choosing between the first two modes. This mode enables players to choose obstacles and hills of different sizes and place them. 

On the NES platform, this game has received many positive reviews. A five-star rating was awarded to the Excitebike game by "Allgame" (Web property of RhythmOne Group, an American digital advertising technology company).


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