Mega Man 2

This is the sequel of Mega Man the good humanoid robot who goes in yet another mission against Metal Man, Air Man, Bubble Man, Quick Man, Crash Man, Flash Man, Heat Man, and Wood Man and another evil project of dr. Wily.

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Mega Man 2 ROM Download for NES 


Action games are addicting, and everyone knows that. We are continually looking for new action games to play and finish to move on to the next one. An Action game with good graphics & perfect sound quality is every gamer's dream. If you have enjoyed action games in the past and specifically an action game called Mega Man, you must check out the next in line Mega Man 2. So here is everything you need to know about Mega Man 2 created for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

Game Plot

The events in the game take place one year after Mega Man. Dr Wily, the antagonist of the series, creates Robot Master to counter Mega Man. Dr Light sends mega Manto defeat Wily. 

Mega Man successfully defeated the Robots of Dr Wily. However, in the final battle, Wily flees away inside the cave and attempts to trick him into thinking he is an alien. But Mega Man defeats him. As the scientist begs for mercy, Mega Man spares his life and returns home. 


Game Play

There are eight stages that the Player has to go through to defeat the bosses, Dr Wily's Robots. Each of the robots has a unique ability and weapon, and stage according to their abilities. After defeating the robots, the Player will move on to battle Dr Wily. But before that, the Player will have to clear six levels that are played linearly. 




Best Emulator for Mega Man 2

To run Mega Man 2 on your computer, you need the help of a console and an emulator. Download Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).on your Pc and corresponding emulator.


You can select any NES emulator of your choice. Here are some of our best picks.


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  2. Mega Man 8
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