Super Mario 2

This is the second sequel of the popular Super Mario Bros. game. Mario and Luigi are yet on another adventure to save the princess from Bowser.

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Year of release: 1988
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Super Mario 2 ROM Download for NES 


Super Mario 2, released in the year 1988 is a platform video game which comes under the second game in the series of Super Mario. Nintendo developed the game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The game also is an outcome of a circle of characters following the breakthrough success of Super Mario Bros. 




The player here takes control of any one of the four characters in the game - Mario, Toad, Princess Toadstool or Luigi. And, each of these characters has unique mechanics in their gameplay. The key objective of the game is to navigate the main character through the dream world called Subcon and defeat the villain of the game, Wart. 

The players can run, climb ladders and jump in the game while possessing their strength. Super Mario 2 does not have the option for multiplayer; however, the game has got 20 various levels around the seven worlds. Here, new features include where the players cannot defeat their foes by jumping on top of them. Instead, they pick up and throw particular objects at their enemies or throw away the enemies. 


Best Emulator for Super Mario 2 ROM


Emulators are needed to be installed on your device to play games like Super Mario 2, and Nintendo Entertainment System is the emulator to run this ROM. All of the Nintendo Entertainment System emulators are moderately stable, highly compatible, work well with very few bugs and even the controls are customizable. 

Few of the NES emulators best for Windows PC are RetroArch, Mesen, Nesbox Universal Emulator, Dolphin, Virtual NES and much more. NES emulators like Nestopia, RockNES and OpenEmu are suitable for MAC. 


Similar Games


In the series of Super Mario, there are many other incredible games which you should try to play, after playing Super Mario 2. Three of the Super Mario 2 related games are:


  1. Super Mario Bros.
    Super Mario Bros comes under the first game in the Super Mario series which is a platform type video game. The player can choose either one of the characters Mario or Luigi and takes control over them in the multiplayer mode. They explore the Mushroom Kingdom to save Princess Toadstool from the villain King Koopa. When the player gets a Super Mushroom, they grow to double their size and can break the bricks above them, to collect coins. 

  2. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
    The player takes control of Yoshi, who tries to reunite the brother; baby Mario and Luigi, who was kidnapped by Kamek. Yoshi carries Baby Mario through 48 levels in the game to meet his goal. One of the new features of the game is that it has a colouring book, which Yoshi vocalizes with its every movement. 

  3. New Super Mario Bros.
    The game follows the story of Mario, trying to save Princess Peach from the cruel antagonist Bowser. The game has enhanced graphics as almost all the characters and objects in the game are 3D. Other than the usual run and jump, here the players can jump on walls, ground pound and triple jump. 


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