Super Mario Bros 3 Challenge (SMB3 Hack)

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Super Mario Bros 3 Challenge (SMB3 Hack) ROM Download for NES


It is a platform game that was released in 1988 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. There are various platform video games out there; still, Super Mario Bros 3 has an exciting concept and introduces new things that every Mario lover would like. Well, there is a reason that it is listed as one of the greatest video games of all time. The player takes control of either Mario or Luigi and goes on an adventurous journey to save Princess Toadstool from evil Bowser's captivity. Bowser wants to take the entire Mushroom World and sends his minions, the Koopalings, to conquer seven kingdoms and turns the rulers into monsters. Now, it's up to Mario and Luigi to travel to worlds, reclaim the magic wands that can reverse the Kings back to their original form, and also teach Koopas a lesson. It's an extensive adventure with top secrets and actions. Even after almost three decades of its release, the game still is famous and haven't lost its charm.


The player must focus on the protagonists and the health meter. The player as Mario or Luigi has powers like jumping, climbing, and extraordinary attacking power. The game has various stages, and each has a different theme and objective. The main object of the player is to pass the stages and destroy the obstacles and enemies. The game lets the player move forward in the game in a non-linear fashion through a world map. When the player completes the level, he gets in-game currency as a reward. Player faces different kinds of enemies like Goombas, snapping turtles, skeletons that fall apart, bulky dudes, etc. There are other Koopaling bosses in every castle, and the player has to duck and jump over them.




Best Emulator for Super Mario Bros. 3

NES is one of the most famous consoles of the 90s, and if you want to play an NES game like the Super Mario Bros. 3, you have to download an NES emulator. There are many options available for various platforms; let us look at them. For windows, you can use FCEUX, Higan, and Jones; for Mac, go for Nestopia or RetroArch; for android, use Nesoid and Nostalgia. Nes. 

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Hacks for Super Mario Bros.3

  1. The player can hide behind the scenery
    While standing on a white block, if you hold down for a couple of seconds, the character can hide behind the scenery for about thirty seconds. 

  2. Warp to level 8
    If you want to warp to level 8, then you must collect two warp whistles. With the help of the first whistle, the player goes to a Warp zone, and then with the second whistle, the player gets transported to the level 8 pipe.

  3. Get infinite one-ups
    To get the infinite 1-ups, you must go to World 1-2 in the form of Raccoon Mario. Then you should climb the hill and jump over the horizontal pipe. Mario should wait till 2-3 of the Goomba comes out of the tube. Jump on one of them and hold A to fly high. When you are in the air, drift down with the help of a raccoon's tail and land on the Goomba. Repeat the process, and eventually, the points turn into extra lives.

  4. Evade damage from the Bowser
    When you fight the Bowser, then keep in mind that his lower half will not do damage. You can evade the damage from his ground-pound attack if you duck, or if you are small Mario, then you can walk under him.

  5. Fortress door in World 3
    You will see several doors in world 3-3. You have to enter the correct one. But if you enter the wrong one, then press UP before you fall. If you continue to do this, you will get warped to the boss room on the third or fourth doors.





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