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Super Mario Bros (JU) (PRG 0) (J) ROM Download for NES

Nintendo published this side-scrolling platform game in the year 1985 for the Nintendo entertainment system. Super Mario Bros. is considered as one of the greatest video games of all time, with praise on its controls. It is believed that it's one of the critical factors that helped revive the video game industry after the crash in 1983. The premise of the game is that the evil Bowser invades the Mushroom kingdom and only Princess Toadstool can reverse the damage. But, Bowser kidnapped the Princess, and Mario set out to rescue the Princess. There are eight worlds and thirty-two levels. The game is entertaining with plenty of secret paths, and this is the reason that the game stood the test of time.


The game begins with the world 1-1. The players' encounters Goomba and the only way to beat them is to jump on them. The game has some of the best controls which make this game everlasting. As the game progresses the player finds many items: a super mushroom to increase the size, a star that grants invincibility and a fire flower that allow shooting fireballs at enemies. There are three forms of Mario in the game: Mario, Super Mario, and Fiery Mario. The most potent form is Fiery Mario, which is achieved by a fire flower and allows Mario to throw fireballs. The most fantastic aspect of the game is that there are numerous hidden items and paths in the quest to save the Princess. Some zones transport Mario or Luigi to higher levels, hidden beanstalks that allow Mario to climb up into cloud lands filled with coins. However, some of Bowser's castle levels are networks and require Mario to take the right routes to move further. If Mario takes the wrong path, he gets transported back to the beginning of the level.

Best Emulator for Super Mario Bros (JU)

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