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Year of release:1986


Top Gun ROM Download for the NES 


Top Gun, released in the year 1987, is a shoot them up, combat fight simulation game, which is an adaptation of Vs. Top Gun and also based on the film Top Gun. Konami published and developed the game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. 




In Top Gun, the game is played from a first-person view inside an F-14 fighter plane in the cockpit. The player plays four different levels with different goals, and in level one, the player needs to fight off an enemy MiGs. Then, the player should destroy the aircraft plane in the second level. After that, in the third level, the enemy's fortress is the player's target, and then in the final stage, the player targets a satellite base in outer space. Here the players get unlimited ammunition on machine guns and three different kinds of missiles, where each one has its advantages for the players. Also, there are only three lives for the player in the game in F-14 planes. 

Best Emulator for Top Gun ROM


You need to download and install Nintendo Entertainment System emulators on your device to play Top Gun ROM. Few good Nintendo Entertainment System emulators which run on MAC OS are Snes9x, ZSNES, Nestopia, and higan. For Microsoft Windows users, the best Nintendo Entertainment System emulators are Mesen, RetroArch, Dolphin, RockNES, Nestopia UE, FCEUX, jNES, Nintendulator, Nesbox Universal Emulator, and VirtualNES. 

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  1. Top Gun: The Second Mission
    The player here assumes and takes control of a character Maverick, who is in an F-14 Tomcat, and he got ordered for a new operation, which is classified into three missions. The first mission of the player is to destroy the foe's Tupolev Tu-160 Blackjack. In the second mission, there will be many barriers while walking through the forest, and the player needs to avoid bumping on trees; the task is to destroy a Hind Helicopter, an advanced version of a Mil Mi-24. 

  2. Top Gun: Guts and Glory
    Top Gun: Guts and Glory is a type of modern jet flight video game based on the film Top Gun and stars Tom Cruise. The player takes control of a modern U.S Air Force jet and explores through ten levels, and they should take out the enemy's jet fighters along with the battleships.  

  3. Top Gun: The Fire at Will
    The game comes under the Top Gun franchise and can be played on PlayStation, MAC OS, Windows, and DOS. The game focuses on the character Maverick, who is going to fight in Libya and Cuba, North Korea, against a mysterious group of selfish pilots known as the Cadre.


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