Double Dragon

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File Name: doubledr.zip
Console/System: Neo Geo
Genre: Fighting
Filesize: 8.98MB
Region: USA
Year of release: 1995
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Double Dragon ROM Download for Neo Geo 


Double Dragon, released in the year 1995, is a fighting video game, which is also a spin-off of the Double Dragon series. Technos Japan developed the game and published it for the Neo Geo. The game is also based on the 1994 movie Double Dragon. 




The player plays like a traditional one-on-one fighting game. One of the game's unique features is the absence of special kick and punch buttons like the rest of the fighting games. Alternatively, there are four attack buttons of fluctuating speed and strength, which enables them to perform kicks or punches according to the character's position. The player's character and opponent in the fight have a super move meter named the "Charge meter," which overlaps above the character's health scale. The less energy the character has, the faster it will fill up. 

Other techniques available in the game comprises air throws, air guards, dashes, and down attacks, which enable characters to jump up and strike their opponent when they are unconscious on the ground for a short period. A move called the Charge move is usually achieved by executing the command of a standard special move and pressing down two attack buttons together at the end rather than just one. 


Best Emulators for Double Dragons ROM


Double Dragons ROM needs an emulator called Neo Geo to play the game on your device. You can install Neo Geo emulators on platforms like MAC OS, Linux, and Microsoft Windows. Some of the best Neo Geo emulators you can download on your device include Ace, Calice 32, Nebula, MAME, Neo Geo CD, and KAWAKS. And, for MAC users, the best emulator you can run is MAME emulator. 


Similar Games


There are a wide variety of other games in the series of Dragon Double. So, after playing this version of Double Dragon, you may even like other similar games in the series. Some of them are listed below. 


  1. Double Dragon II: The Revenge
    It is a side-scrolling beat them up video game, which is the first sequel to the original game Dragon Double. The game revolves around Jimmy Lee and Billy, who is on a mission to avenge Billy's girlfriend Marian. She was shot to death by Willy, who is the leader of Black Warriors. The player should defeat a boss at the end of each mission, with one or more sub-bosses along the way.

  2. Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone
    The game is a beat them up side-scrolling arcade video game, and the player takes control of the martial arts duo in the game, Jimmy Lee and Billy, along with a third controllable player called Sonny. Here, the players are assigned around the world on a quest to reclaim the three mystical stones. 

  3. Super Double Dragon
    The player in Super Double Dragon takes control of the main martial artist's Jimmy and Billy. They are in their fight against the gang of Shadow Warriors. The goal of the game players is to progress through each stage and destroy all the enemies, including a boss. 


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