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Metal Slug ROM Download for Neo Geo 


Metal Slug, released in the year 1996, is a run and gun game that was initially created by Nazca Corporation and published by SNK and came under the first game in the series. The developers initially designed the game for the Neo Geo home game console hardware and Neo Geo arcade machine hardware (MVS). The players here assume the role of Tarma Roving and Marco Rossi, who are a part of Peregrine Falcon Strike Force soldiers. Here, they fight against Donald Morden, who leads a Rebel Army and strives to prevent the New World Order by overthrowing his coup d'état. 





The gameplay consists of elements from run and gun and later released shoot them up, gameplay mechanics. The run and gun type of video game stops a player upon many enemies with incredibly powerful weapons pick-ups. If the player comes in direct contact with an enemy, then it leads to damage. The player starts the game with only a simple semi-automatic handgun, and as he progresses, they can pick up new weapons. However, the player can only use any one of the guns at a time, and when they get new weapons, it replaces the old one. 

The player also has grenades, which they can use to cause more damage and throw at enemies. However, the player gets only a limited number of grenades, and it must be renewed regularly, including ammunition found along the way while advancing in the game.


Best Emulator for Metal Slug ROM


The best emulator to play the Metal Slug ROM series is Neo Geo, which you should download and install before playing any games in the series. You can run Neo Geo emulators on platforms like Linux, Microsoft Windows, and MAC OS. Some of the best Neo Geo emulators you can download to play the games include Calice 32, MAME, KAWAKS, Ace, Nebula, and Neo Geo CD. 


Similar Games


There are many games in the Metal Slug series that you may like playing if you are a fan of playing run and gun and fighting type of video games. Three games in the series are listed below. 


  1. Metal Slug 2
    It is a run and gun video game that is a sequel to the Metal Slug series's first game. The player here should continuously shoot at a perpetual stream of enemies to reach each level's end. While progressing in each stage, the player finds various weapons and Metal Slug tanks. The tank helps to increase the player's offense and adds to their defense. Apart from the regular shooting, the player even performs kicking or melee attacks by using a knife. 

  2. Metal Slug 6
    The game takes place one month after the events occurred in Metal Slug 3. There are two new modes of play that the player can select at the beginning of the game. It includes Easy Mode, where the game has a low difficulty level, and Hard Mode. 

  3. Metal Slug 7
    Metal Slug 7 includes seven levels with three difficulty levels called Beginner, Normal, and lastly Hard. Apart from the usual weapons in the previous games, here, the player gets a new weapon called Thunder Shot, which fires an electric blast to their enemies. 


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