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File Name: mslug2.zip
Console/System: Neo Geo
Genre: Run and gun
Filesize: 16.36MB
Region: USA
Year of release: 1998
Downloads: 5182

Metal Slug 2 ROM Download for Neo Geo


For the people who are a fan of shooting games, this game will make a mark on their favorite game list as this game is based on the run and gun concept, which involves a lot of shooting. Launched in 1998, this game was co-developed by SNK, M2, and DotEmu. In Metal Slug 2, you are offered to choose anyone from the four gameplay characters. You must shoot enemy soldiers as you move ahead in the game from one place to another. Either you can embark on this journey alone or let a friend assist you in shooting the enemy. When it comes to Meta Slug 2, then mostly this game has received above average and positive reviews. GameRankings has given a review score of 77/100 for the IOS version of Metal Slug 2. On Metacritic, this game has received a 76/100 score for many aspects of the game, including gameplay and graphics.




You can get various upgrades for your weapons or even get new weapons in the game as you progress in the game. To increase your offense and defense capabilities, you can find Metal slug tanks available in different game levels. Instead of shooting if you want to harm your enemy in the game, you can do so with the help of melee attacks, which consists of using a knife or a kick by the gameplay character. The player can also get bonuses by freeing prisoners of war in the game. Prisoners of war that you released play alongside you and often protect you from the enemy's melee attacks.


Best Emulator for Metal Slug 2


To run neo geo games like Metal Slug 2 on your device choice, you need an excellent functional Neo Geo emulator that supports your device and the type of operating system you have. Neo geo emulators provide smooth gameplay and functioning of the game, which enhances your gaming experience. If you have ever had problems loading ROM files on any emulator, don't worry because you will not face the same issue with a neo geo emulator. For different operating systems, here are some neo geo emulators which you can consider: Windows- MAME, KAWAKS-Windows Android- NeoDroid, RetroArch Mac- MAME Linux- MAME.


Similar Games

  1. Metal Slug X- This game is filled with action and offers you a 2D shooter gaming experience. There are a countless number of unique vehicles and weapons to destroy several enemies present in the game. Also, the animation used in Metal slug X is of top quality.

  2. Metal Slug 3- The gameplay of Metal Slug 3 is very much like Metal Slug 2. To reach the end of the level, you need to shoot at enemies continuously. At the end of each level, there is a boss whom you must fight. The boss is much stronger and challenging compared to other enemies in the game.

  3. Metal Slug 4- Based on the number of enemies you can kill in a specific time slot, you get bonus points in this game. If you can survive until the end of each level, you will be rewarded with various bonuses and badges meant for your accomplishments.  


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