Dr. Mario 64

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Console/System: N64
Genre: Puzzle
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Region: Japanese
Year of release: 2001
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Dr Mario 64 ROM Download for N64 


Dr Mario 64, released in the year 2001, is a type of Mario Tile-matching action puzzle video game and is an upgraded version of Dr Mario. Nintendo published and developed the game for the Nintendo 64.




The game has a playing field that is shown on the screen, and the blocks in the game are medicine bottles, which are populated with viruses of three colors: blue, yellow, and red. The player in the game intends to remove all the viruses with two-colored medicinal capsules dropped into the bottle.

The player manages the capsules when they fall, and moves them left or right and rotating them such that they are placed beside the viruses and any existing pills. When four or more capsule shares or if the viruses of the same color are arranged in horizontal or vertical shapes, it gets removed from play. The game also has many single-player modes such as Story mode, Classic mode, Flash mode, Vs Computer mode, Score Attack mode, and Marathon mode. 


Best Emulator for Dr Mario 64 ROM

To play Dr Mario 65, you have to install a Nintendo 64 emulator on your device. You can freely download Nintendo 64 emulator on EmulatorsGames.net and run it on your device. Although they lack in some areas compared to other emulators, they do have their advantages and peculiarities.

Some of the good Nintendo 64 emulators for your Windows PC are Project 64, CEN64, Mupen64, RetroArch, GlideN64, and 1964. If you are a MAC user, then OpenEmu, Sixtyforce, Mupen64Plus, and Project64 would be a great choice. 


Similar Games


If you are more into games like Dr Mario 64, you might even like other related games. So, here are three of them. 


  1. Dr Mario
    Dr Mario is the predecessor to Dr Mario 64 and is a similar action puzzle video game. The main protagonist of the game is Mario, who is a doctor and attempts to destroy the viruses which populate on the screen of the playing field by falling. The player tosses colored vitamin capsules to the playing field for killing those viruses.  

  2. Dr Mario Online Rx
    Dr Mario Online Rx is a similar type of puzzle video game to the previous games, and the play has to destroy the colored viruses. This game's additional feature includes mini-games from Brain Age 2, called the Germ Buster and Virus Buster. The mini-games have more customization options than their original version. Like, the player can select a remix version of Fever and Chill mode. 

  3. Dr Mario Express
    Like the previous version, the player takes control of Mario, a doctor, and strives to kill all the viruses. The player is scored based on how many viruses he has cleared in connection with the present game speed. 
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