Worms - Armageddon

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File Name: Worms - Armageddon (U) (M3) [!].zip
Console/System: N64
Genre: Strategy
Filesize: 9.15MB
Region: Japanese
Year of release: 2000
Downloads: 12107

Worms - Armageddon ROM Download for N64


It is a turn-based game released in 1999 by Team17. It's the third game in the Worms' game franchise. The player is in charge of a team of up to eight earthworms and has to defeat the opposing team with weapons. The game takes place on a customizable and destructible 2D board accompanied by a unique humor brand and cartoonish characters. The concept of the game is to kill the other worms with the army of worms. The combat takes place in a turn-based timed round. Each of the worms has a collective collection from which the player can choose all types of weapons. When the player switches to more offbeat weapons, it changes the character's appearance. There is also a humor element in the form of the Worm's overexcited speech. The high-pitched speech fills the game with exciting comments. The player can play up to three different friends with controller passing; it supports one controller. The gameplay is easy to pick, and that's what makes it a great game, and with the addition of humor, it tickles the funny bone.


It is turn-based, where each team of worms moves in a sequence across a 2D terrain. These worms can walk and jump, swing by the Ninja Rope, Parachute, bungee, and Teleport. The objective is to defeat the opposite teams and kill their Worms. Some of the campaigns have some other purposes, also like collecting a particular crate. Each Worm has a definite amount of health. If it gets hit with a weapon, the Worm loses the health that depends on the weapon's power. If the health gets to zero or the worms gets thrown into the water, the Worm gets killed.

Best Emulator for Worms – Armageddon

If Worms- Armageddon game excites you and you want to play it on your device at your leisure, you have to download an N64 emulator. There are many options available out there, but the one that should be number one on the list is Project 64. It is an open-source emulator that is very easy to use. Since its open-source, it keeps getting updated and provides you with a clean user interface. It lets you play with USB controllers with high-resolution textures. It also plays a large number of games flawlessly. 

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