Harvest Moon 64

The player goal is to maintain the farm left by his grandfather.Еxcept for keeping the farm working the player must fulfill other side quests to make money.

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File Name: Harvest Moon 64 (USA).zip
Console/System: N64
Genre: Simulation
Filesize: 6.61MB
Region: Japanese
Year of release: 1999
Downloads: 9618

Harvest Moon 64 ROM Download for N64


Harvest Moon 64 is a product farming video game developed and published by Victor Interactive Software for the Nintendo 64 video game. It is also the third game in the Story of Seasons series. 


Game Plot & Gameplay


The plot behind the Harvest Moon is to rehabilitate and preserve an abandoned farm that was left by the grandfather to the person playing. The game even includes some side quests alongside restoring the farm. 

It may include, horse training and racing, trading crops, engaging in a variety of town carnivals, falling in love, eventually getting married, gathering recipes, and managing photographs from different performances and experiences. A complete fun-filled game! Different to the original Harvest Moon game, here the time provided for work and the stamina a player would have is limited. Nonetheless, this makes the game more exciting and addictive. 


Best Emulator for Harvest Moon


To play the Harvest Moon game on your desktop PC, mobile phone or tablet, you need to download and install Nintendo64 (N64), emulator on your device. Nostalgia and great memories play an enormous role in N64, and that is why it is the ultimate console. 

Some of the emulators for MAC are Sixtyforce, Project64, and Mupen64PLus. For windows, Snes9x, PCSX2, Mupen64, Mednafen and much more. 


Similar Games


After playing the Harvest Moon, you might even like playing similar games listed below. You would equally like these as much as you had fun and enjoyed playing the Harvest Moon. Most of the games have similar features but still, it’s quite enjoyable. 


  1. Harvest Moon - Friends Of Mineral
    Harvest Moon- Friends of Mineral is the first Game Boy Advance game of the Story of seasons series. Here, the player is a farmer whose goal is to make a profit from the farm he manages by producing yields and breeding livestock. The player even has a puppy which later grows as become a full-grown dog after two months. Isn't it so cute?

  2. Harvest Moon - More Friends Of Mineral Town
    In the series, this is the third game that focuses on the female character. Just like the other games, this is has planting of crops in your field, raising your livestock and everything related to the farm. You can even make friends from the village, fall in love and even marry if you wish to.

  3. Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life
    It is the female version of the Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life. However, this one is a more updated version of the game than the male version and has similar features like Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition. 

  4. Harvest Moon - Back To Nature [ SLUS-01115 ]
    Unlike the other Harvest Moon games, this one is more 3D like graphics. Most of the characters are took from the Harvest Moon 64, but still, the players are slightly different, and even their personalities are changed. 


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