Mega Man 64

Help the humanoid-robot called "Mega-Man" defeat all evil robots under the control of Doctor Wily and rescue the world by finally winning against him.

File Name:Mega Man 64 (USA).zip
Year of release:1998

Mega Man 64 ROM Download for N64


It's an action-adventure shooting game and the first game in the Mega Man legends sub-series. The game was initially released in 1997, and a port of Nintendo64 was released in 2000. The playable game character is Mega Man Volnutt, who is a digger. He is in charge of the investigation of the ruins in the flooded earth. He and his friends are on their journey towards Earth, but then suddenly their ship crashes in Kattelox Island. There they have a confrontation with the pirates who are exploiting the island for hidden treasure. 


Mega Man's gameplay is immensely different from the original game series, although they do share a few elements. The previous Mega man games are platform games, but this is an action-adventure game. The player controls Mega Man Volnutt, and he has to complete different missions such as fighting pirates and investigation of the ruins. The player travels through dungeons and towns and talk to the non-player characters. Refractors and large gems are the power source of the Mega Man. The destroyed enemies leave shards of them, and players can use them for money exchanges. With the use of rocks, Mega Man can buy his health from the shops. He also has a Life Shield which reduces the damages he receives from the enemies. The next unique factor is that the interaction of Mega Man to the other characters also affect the value of the objects. Suppose, if Mega Man is rude with the characters then the prices of the object rises. The power of Mega Man depends on his Buster Gun, and the player can upgrade the gun up to four stats: Attack, Rapid, Range, and Energy. Roll, he can create Buster Parts from unusable objects present in ruins. Many of these weapons enhance the Buster Gun. There are special weapons that a player can upgrade, and have five stats; Attack, Rapid, Range, Energy, and Special. 



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