Hey You, Pikachu!

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File Name: Hey You, Pikachu! (U) [!].zip
Console/System: N64
Genre: Simulation
Filesize: 8.59MB
Region: Japanese
Year of release: 1998
Downloads: 4504

Hey You, Pikachu! ROM Download for N64


Those who are die-hard fans of Pokemon games often miss out on this game due to its name and gameplay experience. This game is based on a virtual pet gameplay experience developed by Ambrella and launched in 1998 in Japan and then in 2000 in North America. The game is more focused on younger players as it has various features like voice recognition and minimal requirement of focus, which makes this game very easy to play. The story mode begins where you try out a device made by Professor oak with the help of which you can talk to a pokemon. Player meets a pokemon in the wild and makes it a friend; now, he is required to earn this Pokémon's trust.

Reviews for this game have been mostly mixed or average. GameRankings and Metacritic have both given average reviews to this game with 55/100 and 57/100. Dustin Packwood of Arizona Republic stated that those who are fans of anime would surely love this game. Due to its voice recognition feature, this game was criticized as the game only recognized a high-pitched voice that resembles that of small kids.




In the game, the gameplay of the game begins from the bedroom where Pokemon is present with you. Once you wake up, you can do many things, such as make a conversation with Pokemon or roam around in the room. You can go outside of your house to do some other activities or stay in your room and play Pokemon trivia on the television. There are several doors in the game which lead to different sections of the game. These different sections include Pikachu's Discover Day, Pikachu's Play Day, and Pikachu's Daring Days. Many activities are included in each of these sections, consisting of hunting for treasure, gathering food, fishing, etc.


Best Emulator for Hey You, Pikachu!


Voice recognition games that don't require much attention are best played on emulators such as N64 as you would experience no difficulty in performance. N64 is also an open-source project that leaves room for further development and new features that could enhance the game's gameplay. You could save your game's progress anytime with the help of save states, and you can resume the game afterwards whenever you want with the help of load states. Depending upon the operating system you want to use, here are some options: Project64, Mupen64plus, MegaN64, RetroArch, and many more.


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