Mario Tennis

The famous Mario on another mission, but this time like a tennis player. You can choose your character from Super Mario games and enjoy playing tennis and win games.

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File Name: Mario Tennis (USA).zip
Console/System: N64
Genre: Sports
Filesize: 14.25MB
Region: Japanese
Year of release: 2000
Downloads: 76338

Mario Tennis ROM Download for GBC


It is a sports video game that was initially released for the Nintendo 64. Later Nintendo released a Game boy colour version in 2000. 


Game Plot


The game introduces the Luigi's doppelganger Waluigi. The core mechanics are somewhat similar to the original Mario's Tennis, but this game comes with an added RPG mode and mini-games collection. The RPG allows the player to play with a boy named Alex and a girl known as Nina. 




The tennis gameplay is solid such that both the amateurs and learned players can enjoy the game equally. For those who want just a quick game, there is the exhibition mode. This mode allows the players to play either singles or doubles matches with the Mario characters. The characters have their strengths and weaknesses, such as some may be slow, some have better placement control, and some may have power shots. Then there's a Tour mode that puts the players in an RPG-style setting, where the players have to develop their character and train to go up the ranks at the Royal Tennis Academy. The players have to complete the training challenge and earn victories in the match; this will grant them experience points, helping them to level up. With each gain in power, the players increment in any of the four categories: Spin, Power, Speed, and control. The game's graphics are eye-pleaser, along with the toe-tapping soundtrack. The gameplay is fun and spontaneous, it has infinite replay value, and the graphics are sharp and effective. It is considered one of the best GBC sports games to date.


Best Emulator for Mario Tennis


There are several Game Boy Colour emulators for you to choose to play this game. You can enjoy your game anywhere you want on any platform with the help of an emulator. BGB emulator is a fantastic choice for Windows. It lets you play GBC games with a good gameplay experience, high-quality sound and graphics, and high accuracy. If you are on Mac, then your number one choice should be OpenEmu. It's a free emulator that comes with a great user- interface. Mednafen is the ultimate choice for Linux; it lets you play with your friend with the net-play feature. My Oldboy! Well, the name suits it as this emulator can run games on low-end to modern smartphones. So, for Android, choose My Oldboy for a perfect gaming experience with high emulation.


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