Pokemon Snap

Pokemon Snap is a first-person game, where you move your character true the places and takes pictures of pokemon. In the end, the pictures are judged by the quality, so you can move o another level.

Parameters Values
File Name: Pokemon Snap (USA).zip
Console/System: N64
Genre: Simulation
Filesize: 8.75MB
Region: Japanese
Year of release: 1999
Downloads: 13292

Pokemon Snap ROM Download for N64 


Pokemon Snap, released in the year 1999, and developed by HAL Laboratory for the Nintendo 64, is a simulation video game from the first-person perspective with rail shooter type gameplay. Pokemon snap is also a spin-off game in the Pokemon series and features many Pokemon performed for the first time in real-time 3D. 


Game Plot


The game is similar to most of the other first-person games where the main protagonist Todd Snap moves automatically on a rail. Here, Todd is summoned by Professor Oak to Pokemon Island, a place with a mixture of climatic and geographic areas where Pokemon live moderately uninterrupted by humans. Professor Oak needs quality photos, which would help with his scientific findings. 

The foremost goal of the player is to capture photos of Pokemon by using Pester Balls or by using apples. During the game, the player's photos are judged on each stage based on the picture's quality. However, at first, the players only have a camera, and as the game progresses, Oak provides them with many unique accessories. 


What Game emulator to use to run Pokemon Snap ROM?


To play the Pokemon Snap ROM on your device, you should first install Nintendo 64 on the device you are playing. Nintendo 64 emulators have a fast-loading cartridge system, high-capacity CD media, and fast loading features. FEw of the best Nintendo 64 emulators suitable for your device are Project64k, 1964, Mupen 65 Plus, Snes9x, Project64, ePSXe, and so on. 


Similar Games


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