Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 is a scary game made for people who love horror game.

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File Name: Resident Evil 2 (USA) (Rev A).zip
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Year of release: 1998
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Resident Evil 2 ROM Download for N64 


Resident Evil 2 is a type of survival horror game released in 1998 for the PlayStation. Capcom developed it, and the game follows two months after the original Resident Evil. 

The main highlight added to this version is the Zapping System, where two playing characters face each other with different puzzles and storylines in respective scenarios. The players receive a ranking after each game, based on the total time taken to complete the task, the number of special items used and the saves. 




The player here controls Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield, who must leave Raccoon city as the citizens had transformed into zombies by a biological weapon. The game mainly focuses on solving puzzles and fighting the monsters—both the main protagonist in the game, equipped with firearms. They could check their health conditions on the status screen and use medicines to heal their wounds if there were any. The player gets costumes unlocked as a reward, depending on their bonus weapons and achievements. 


Best Emulator for Resident Evil 2 ROM


Be it Windows PC, MAC or Linux, you need to install a Nintendo 64 emulator on your device, in order to play the Resident Evil 2 game. There are few emulators which are useful such as, Project64; popular and most easy to use emulators, Mupen64Plus; supports Windows PC, MAC, Linux and Android, MegaN64 and so on.


Similar Games


Resident Evil 2 has got a few similar types of game, which is exciting and engaging to play just like this version. They are:


  1. Resident Evil
    The game here follows Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine. They are the members of an elite task unit known as STARS as they investigate the mysterious Racoon City following the disappearance of their team members. And, they soon become trapped in a mansion which is full of zombies and monsters. The sole aim of the Resident Evil game is to uncover the mystery of the city and the people, the mansion and then to escape alive eventually.

  2. Resident Evil Zero
    Resident Evil Zero is a prequel to Resident Evil and its remake. The story follows the officer Rebecca Chambers and convicted criminal Billy Coen. Unlike its previous version, the game was designed with more difficulty. Rebecca has a mixing kit which enables her to blend herbs and other chemicals, but she is weak defensively. In contrast, Billy can push heavy objects, use a lighter, and has a more eminent defence, but cannot mix herbs. 

  3. Resident Evil – Code: VeronicaThe story in Resident Evil Code: Veronica takes place three months after the events of Resident Evil 2. The storyline follows Claire Redfield and her brother Chris Redfield. The game consists of interface, puzzles, signature controls, and the key parties zombies and monsters to battle. Unlike the previous Resident Evil game series, here real-time 3D environments are used. The significant actions in the game include running, pushing things, climbing on objects and attacking.
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