StarCraft 64

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File Name: StarCraft 64 (USA).zip
Console/System: N64
Genre: Real-Time Strategy
Filesize: 26.26MB
Region: Japanese
Year of release: 2000
Downloads: 6619

StarCraft 64 ROM Download for N64


It is a real-time strategy, military science fiction game released in 1998 for Windows PC. Later in 2000, it was adapted to Nintendo 64. The game takes place in a fictional future in the 25th century AD in the Koprulu sector situated in the Milky Way Galaxy. The play focuses on three intelligent species fighting for dominance: the Terrans, exiled humans; the Zerg, insectoid aliens; Protos, humanoid with psionic abilities. StarCraft 64 is a combination of storylines from StarCraft and Brood War. Zerg, Terran, and Protoss are in an intergalactic battle that spread across a variety of planets. The player can perform as one of three races: the Terrans, Protoss, or the Zerg. Each has its exclusive missions, units, playing style, and personality. Terrans are humans who have colonized space searching for resources—taking their role and playing as the Terrans means resourcefulness and mobility. Zerg is an insectoid alien who wants to destroy everything else. The Protoss are technologically advanced aliens who have psionic powers and control robotic drones. All three races' goals are collecting resources, building up defensedefense and offense, and then crushing the enemy.




There is a balance between the three races, and this is the critical point of the game. Success does not depend on how many units the player creates but on how well the player uses them. The essential point to victory is to research and upgrade the air and ground troops and form a complete unit to take into battle. In the single-player game, there are six missions' paths. Overall there are a total of 57 tasks and one secret mission. There are also tutorial scenarios to get the player up to speed. Along with this, there are standalone battle scenarios against computer opponents. The player can also set up a custom battle scene where he/she choose from twenty-seven maps and battle up to four opponents. The missions vary from escorting the King of the hill, wipe out all the enemies, or killing enemies from one point to another.


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