WCW - NWO Revenge

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Year of release: 1998
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WCW - NWO Revenge ROM Download for N64


WCW - NWO Revenge is an expert wrestling video game launched in 1998 for the Nintendo 64 gaming console. It is the sequel of 1997's WCW versus NWO: World Tour. Like its predecessors, Revenge includes AKI's progressive catchy framework just as intensely improved designs, a title mode, and a massive roster of wrestlers.


Revenge gained colossal popularity and tremendous business success. According to an article by IGN in 1999, Revenge was the top-selling game for the N64 console. It was the last AKI-created WCW game for the Nintendo 64. The next AKI wrestling game that was launched for the console; WWF Wrestle Mania 2000, sported THQ's recently obtained World Wrestling Federation permit.


The game achieved critical success for its various enhancements for the World Tour. Matt Casamassina of IGN. It's a considerably more complete game with vast loads of style and ambience. Indeed, the four-player mode is addictive and reason enough to purchase the game, particularly in case you're a significant wrestling fan. In IGN's 2008 "History of Wrestling Games" article, Rus McLaughlin also recognized Revenge for its extended roster.


Best Emulator for WCW - NWO Revenge


Mupen64Plus is the best emulator to download and install WCW – NWO Revenge into various platforms and devices. This emulator is a free and open-source N64 emulator and was released in December 2001 for both Windows and Linux operating systems. This application is written in languages C and C++. It enables you to play and enjoy N64 games on your PC by reading ROM images. Mupen64Plus uses dynamic libraries which stick to a particular feature written by Project64 designer Zilmar. Other N64 emulators you can use are Project64, UltraHLE, and Snes9x.


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