Apollo Justice - Ace Attorney

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File Name: 2036 - Apollo Justice - Ace Attorney (U)(Independent).7z
Console/System: NDS
Genre: Adventure
Filesize: 40.54MB
Region: USA
Year of release: 2007
Downloads: 2216

Apollo Justice - Ace Attorney ROM Download for NDS


It's a visual novel adventure video game released in 2007 for the Nintendo DS by Capcom. The game follows the story of the previous game Phoenix Wright: Ace attorney and takes place seven years after the earlier version. Phoenix Wright no longer has his attorney badge, and Apollo Justice, a new attorney, becomes his trainee and works on four cases with Phoenix adopted daughter Trucy. The game aims to prove the client is not guilty. You play the role of Apollo justice, and you have to investigate the case, gather evidence and question the witness. If there are some inconsistencies in the statement of the witnesses, then with the help of proof, you can contradict the statement. There is also a perceived system in which you can see the emotions and actions of the witness while giving testimonies. There are two modes in the game: Investigation mode and Courtroom mode. In the investigation mode, Apollo and Trucy visit crime scenes to gather the evidence, question suspects and witnesses. In the Courtroom mode, the prosecution and defence put forward their arguments and fight for their success.


It's a mixture of a novel and an adventure game. The player's objective is to defend their clients in four cases, and prove that they are innocent. The gameplay is divided into two types of states: Investigations and trials. In the investigation part of each case, the player discovers the game world with the use of Stylus or D-pad. The player can talk with the non-player character by selecting the dialogue and also move around the game by choosing the sites they want to go to. The information that the player collects in the investigation mode is used during the trial phase. The player cannot move forward without the completion of specific actions. The trial parts include the cross-examining and listening to the witness testimonies. The players have a choice to either Present or Press the evidence in reply to the statements. The player can use either yell into the microphone or can select their option. If the player chooses Press, then he questions the witness statements, and if there are inconsistencies, then the player can choose Present to show a piece of evidence. There is a health bar that shows the judge patience, and if the bar becomes zero, the player loses the game. The game also includes a Crime Recreation Mode that copies the crime scene or evidence in a 3-D version and allows the player to discover the recreated crime scene and look for clues.

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