Rune Factory 3 - A Fantasy Harvest Moon (EU)

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Console/System: NDS
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Region: Europe
Year of release: 2011
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Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon ROM Download for NDS


It's a simulation role-playing video game. It has a simple combat system. The primary focus is still the micromanagement and exploration, and the crafting system is also essential. The game tests your patience level, given that you're required to work tedious fetch tasks around the game clock. You have to unlock the crafting system. Rune Factory 2 will give you a soothing and pleasant adventure. The basic premise of the harvest moon is about a mysterious boy suffering from amnesia shows up in a charming little town. Generous local villagers gift him an abandoned farm to live and work on it.

Game Plot & Game Play


The story begins with Kyle, a boy who has amnesia. He comes to a town named Alvarna. There he meets a girl Mana who helps him by giving him a farm and some tools. Later, he gets married and has two children Aaron and Aria. One day suddenly, he gets his memory back, and he remembers why he came to Alvarna. He leaves the town and his family that night. Now, his children are following clues that their father left behind. They come to know about the dragon named Firesome. The children also learn that the father left so he could unite himself with Firesome to confine the dragon's powers. The children defeat the dragon and seal him away with the spell Dragon Break. Upon doing so, the father's spirit releases along with the dragons. The child continues finding a way to separate the father's soul from the dragon and finds the spell Omni-Gate, which brings the father back home. 

The player begins the day with two tools, the watering can and Hoe that allow you to grow a various plant. You have to look after the farm and take care of the plant. You can interact with the townsfolk or the objects. 

There are two types of statistics: ability and battle. The ability statistics show how well a player is executing the tasks. At the same time, battle statistics improves if you defeat enough enemies. While exploring the town, you will find monsters and have to fight with it and will increase your strength.


Best Emulator for Rune Factory 2

You will require to download Nintendo DS to play this game on your device. There are many NDS emulator available. Some of them are:


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