Chrono Trigger

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File Name: 3055 - Chrono Trigger (U)(XenoPhobia).7z
Console/System: NDS
Genre: Role-Playing
Filesize: 50.58MB
Region: Japanese
Year of release: 1995
Downloads: 8884

Chrono Trigger ROM Download for NDS 


It's a role-playing video game, initially released for super Nintendo entertainment system but later got ported to Nintendo DS in 2008. Chrono Trigger is a masterpiece that stands the test of time. It suits well with DS that can recapture its performing brilliancy. The storytelling is fluent and beautiful, and the gameplay still maintains the action and consists of random battle and also player-initiated ones. The DS version comprises of a massive amount of added features and extra materials. There are additional contents such as a series of dungeons, re-mastered scripts, monster battleground and a new ending. Nintendo DS has two screens, so the command menu is now shifted to the bottom screen that releases the game from any mess. The new polished scripts provide meaning, depth and humour to the plot. This game is a true masterpiece.

Game Plot

The game follows the life of Chrono, who is a samurai sword-wielding teenager. After attending the kingdoms millennial anniversary, his destiny suddenly changes. On that day, he gets down from his bed to see his friend's teleportation machine and runs into a girl named Marle. She insisted that he shows her around the kingdom. Chrono takes Marle back to the time machine, but the time machine glitches and send Marle into the alternate universe. Chrono, the brave young man, follow her back into the unknown universe. After that, the story grows where you will find yourselves involved in a journey across space and time. 


  1. Time-Travel
    The most exciting part of the game is time travel. Player's get access to the seven eras of the world, and each action affects the future. Players find new allies, search for villains and complete side quests. Time travel takes place with the help of time gates, and time machine named Epoch. There is a total of thirteen endings; it depends on the player how and when they complete the battle. 

  2. Tech Attack Scheme
    The player can heal their friends and attack their enemies with varieties of options available. The Techs are excellent. Chrono has a Cyclone attack, with which he can jump towards one or many enemies. Marle has an Aura tech with its help it can heal herself and others. 

  3. Arena Battle Mode
    In arena battle mode, you can raise a monster and enter with it in the battles. Using Nintendo's wireless, you can even fight with your friend. Training monsters and clashing them with friends is a beautiful idea.

Best Emulator for Chrono Trigger

You will need to have a Nintendo DS emulator to play this game. There are many DS emulators present. Let us look at some of the best emulators out there. 

Citra 3DS emulator- It is the best emulator for your PC. Citra is user-friendly, open-source allows you to play the Nintendo games on your computer. It is compatible with Linux, Windows and OSX. N0$GBA- it is a Nintendo emulator for Windows VISTA and Windows. It's simple and easy to use. DeSmuMe- DeSmuMe is an emulator for Windows PC, and it's free. It can efficiently run commercial games.

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