Harvest Moon DS - Sunshine Islands (US)(OneUp)

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File Name: 4439 - Harvest Moon DS - Sunshine Islands (US)(OneUp).7z
Console/System: NDS
Genre: Simulator
Filesize: 13.23MB
Region: USA
Year of release: 2009
Downloads: 1045

Harvest Moon DS - Sunshine Islands (US)(OneUp) ROM Download for NDS


If you have ever played any of the Harvest Moon games and are a fan of it, you would indeed find this game very much engaging and exciting. Developed by Marvelous Interactive, this game was launched in 2009 in the US. The game's overall story and gameplay are very much like the Harvest Moon DS: Island of Happiness, but you would undoubtedly witness many new advancements and features in this game. At the start, you can choose from either a boy or a girl as your gameplay character known as Mark or Chelsea. Depending upon your gameplay character's choice, you would experience slightly different gameplay, but the game's overall story and scenarios remain the same.


Compared to previous versions of Harvest moon games, this game has proven to be much more engaging and relatively exciting for the players. The character choices between a male and a female gameplay character are also a notable feature that many players appreciate. The ability to marry in this game is like previous games but with the addition of new candidates praised by the critics. Nintendo Power provided this game with a score of 7/10 based upon the overall plot of this game and its efficient performance, which makes this game much more understandable. Metacritic provided this game with a score of 77/100.




The gameplay of the game is very realistic and practical, which provides a great experience to the players. As in an ordinary year, there are four types of seasons in this game, consisting of 30 days each. Every day in this game occurs at a specific time which is about 15 minutes which provides familiar type gameplay to the player. Now you can control the game without a touch screen, giving you a bit of freedom to play this game with a style that suits you. Your main aim in this game is to collect magical sunstones scattered at various locations so that you can restore the island.


Best Gaming Emulator for Harvest Moon DS – Sunshine Islands


Harvest Moon DS requires smooth performance for you to understand the game and enjoy it as it unfolds thoroughly. Efficient execution of any game can be surety with an NDS emulator. Graphics in any game make or break the game as players often like games with a great display possible with an NDS emulator. NDS emulators provide a high-resolution display on the screen with detailed graphics. Depending upon your platform's choice, here are some NDS emulators: DuoS, DeSmuMe, NeonDS, etc.


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