Jump Super Stars (J)

File Name:0085 - Jump Super Stars (J)(Trashman).7z
Year of release:2005

Jump Super Stars (J) ROM Download for NDS

It is a fighting game released in 2005 for the Nintendo DS. In the story, the player has to beat the opponents in various stages. There are several characters in the game, out of which 34 are the main battle characters. Each manga series has up to five battle characters like; there are 5 Dragon ball z characters. The fights are set inside the manga book, and that acts as an arena. The player can knock the opponents by hitting outside the barriers of the book pages. Several items make the player faster and more robust, and some things can heal also. The highly customizable characters are what make this game different from another fighting one. On the bottom, there is a grid of squares where the player adds panels (Koma). These panels have three playable characters, support characters, and items. The player can easily change the fighter in the battle with just a tap. When the character's health depletes, they switch to a grey color. Each character has its own special and unique move. Apart from the single-player mode, there is also a multiplayer mode available. 



The game features characters from the Weekly Shonen Jump, which is a Japanese manga magazine. For the characters that the player uses in the game, there is the term Koma or panel. Each Koma uses one to seven squares and is situated at the bottom of the DS screen. There are three types: battle Koma, help Koma, and support. Battle Koma fights throughout each round. This Koma shows the characters that the player controls, and the player can switch between characters. Support Koma comes briefly on the screen to help the player. It helps by blocking, attacking, restoring health, or in some other way. Help Koma help or boost the player in the game. The player can build 10 Koma decks, and Koma should have one battle, service, and support Koma. Interestingly, if the two Koma are compatible and placed next to each other, their attributes rise. This system results in a more extended health bar for the character or increases the number of special attacks. 

Best Emulator for Jump Super Stars

The one NDS emulator you can use for Windows, Mac, and Linux is the DeSmuMe emulator. It's a free and open-source emulator with many customization options and allows you to alter the controller and graphic settings. You can save your current game status. It is a fast emulator and performs flawlessly, and is compatible with all the DS games. If you want an emulator exclusively for android, then you should use NDS4Droid. It's also an open-source emulator that means it is continually improving.

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