Mario Hoops 3 On 3

File Name:0559 - Mario Hoops 3 on 3 (U)(Legacy).7z
Year of release:2006

Mario Hoops 3 On 3 ROM Download for NDS


Mario Hoops 3 On 3, also known as Mario Basket 3on3 in Japan and Mario Slam Basketball in Europe, released in the year 2006, is a sports video game. Square Enix developed the game, and Nintendo published it for the Nintendo DS. The play highlights a set of three versus three basketball matches on many courts, each of three games. 




The player must win the basketball matches in order to progress in the game. And when the player wins a tournament, they are awarded a bronze cup, a silver cup, or a gold cup. These cups correlate on winning by more than 200 points relatively over the three matches, a sole win in all three games, or 100 points. The tournament also features three players on each side, where the characters are from Mario and other games in Nintendo, along with characters from the Final Fantasy series. The player can perform multiple moves by using signs on the touchpad, such as passing the ball and stealing them. There are even two types of game modes, which are normal and hard. And, the Hard mode is only unlocked when the player beats their opponent on the normal mode. 


Best Emulator for Mario Hoops 3 On 3 ROM


If you want to play the Mario Hoops 3 On 3, which is in the Mario series, you first need to download and run a Nintendo DS emulator on your device. Some of the best Nintendo emulators that you can run on Microsoft Windows are NeonDS, iDeas, MelonDS, Project 64, DeSmuMe, Citra, DuoS, RetroArch, and so on. For MAC users, you can use and run Citra, OpenEmu, DeSmuMe, and RetroArch. 


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