Kingdom Hearts - Re-Coded

File Name:5473 - Kingdom Hearts - Re-Coded (U).rar
Genre:Role Playing
Year of release:2011

Kingdom Hearts - Re-Coded ROM Download for the NDS


Kingdom Hearts: Re-Coded, released in the year 2010, is a role-playing game that is a remake of Kingdom Hearts Coded. Square Enix h.a.n.d developed the game for the Nintendo DS. The game follows the story of King Mickey, Donald Duck, Jiminy Cricket, and Goofy in the Disney Castle, and it takes place after the events of Kingdom Hearts II. 




The gameplay in Kingdom Hearts Re: coded is mostly the same as in Kingdom Hearts coded, where the game focuses on the use of Bug Blox to resolve puzzles and enter new areas. The game also includes the Deck Command system applied in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, enabling players to design decks of different battle skills to use upon enemies. 

The player here attacks their enemies using regular strikes with the help of Keyblade and uses special commands such as Fire and Strike Raid. Apart from the Command Deck gameplay, there are few others, such as the Avatar Menu, Clock Programs and Passive Abilities, and Data Worlds. 


Best Emulator for Kingdom Hearts - Re-Coded ROM


To play ROM games like Kingdom Hearts - Re-Coded, you need to have an emulator called Nintendo DS installed on your device. The best Nintendo DS emulators which you can run on your MAC OS are RetroArch, OpenEmu, Citra emulator, and DeSmuMe. If your device is Microsoft Windows, then the emulators suitable for you are NO$GBA, Project64, MelonDS, DeSmuMe, iDeas, DuoS, RetroArch, and NeonDS. 


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