Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's - World Championship 2010 - Reverse Of Arcadia

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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's - World Championship 2010 - Reverse Of Arcadia ROM Download for NDS


It is the second game in the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D'S series, released for the NDS. The story mode has a parallel story from the animated series. It includes Dark Signers and their quest for power over New Domino City. But the Earthbound Immortals will do anything to destroy Satellite and overthrow the rule of New Domino City. The player gets to play the characters from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Universe! The player can get right into the story mode and duel with gamers or jump into Turbo Duelling mode and battle with the characters. The game begins with an option that asks if the player wants to view cards each time they play them. This feature is handy for beginners.




The player moves the character with the keypad or stylus. Apart from the story mode, a World Championship mode allows the player to duel against the CPU, edit the decks, or buy new cards. Wi-Fi and wireless modes are also present so that the player can showcase his/her skills online. The player has monster cards, spell cards, and trap cards. Monster cards can summon them; Spell cards inflict damage on the opponent's monsters; The trap card is activated when certain conditions are met. The 3,500 cards also include cards from the Absolute Powerforce. For those who want to get all their knowledge about dueling, there is an in-depth tutorial. The dueling AI has gotten better in combos and utilization. It is a fun dueling game; with over 3,500 cards, it is any dueling fan's dream.

Game Plot 

The protagonist wakes up from a mind-control pod. Other members of the Arcadia Movement do not know about this. It is discovered that the protagonist is not a Psychic Duellist but a former member of The Enforcers. The player is then in a room with two Psychic Duellists named Liquid and Okita. The player duels Okita, and after the duel, Sayer walks into the room and orders the three of them to go to the Stadium to participate in the Fortune Cup. To enter the Stadium, the player has to finish a Box Duel Puzzle. Sayer goes back to the Arcadia movement and leaves the player, Okita, and Liquid to deal with Lazar and the guards. After their duel, Lazar escapes the place. The following day, the player goes to the Arcadia Headquarters to complete the Duel training, consisting of 3 Structure Deck duels and 3D Duel puzzles. After the Duel Training, the player undergoes Duel Runner Training and involves in various fights to show his strength.

Best Emulator for Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's - World Championship 2010 - Reverse Of Arcadia

You can play this game on your desired system with the help of an NDS emulator. You can choose from various options available on the internet for your system. Say, for windows, you can play this game with NeonDS, IDeaS, NO$GBA, DSemu, and DuoS. If you want to run this game on Mac, then you should download DeSmuMe. 


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