Luminous Arc

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File Name: 1329 - Luminous Arc (U)(XenoPhobia).7z
Console/System: NDS
Genre: Role-playing
Filesize: 69.00MB
Region: USA
Year of release: 2007
Downloads: 792

Luminous Arc ROM Download for NDS


Luminous Arc, released in the year 2007, is a tactical role-playing video game. Imageepoch developed the game, and Atlus published it in North America for the Nintendo DS. The game has got amazing music effects, voiced scenes, and excellent character designs. 


Game Plot


The game is set in a world called Shtraberl, where the story begins with the Garden Children, who are a group of people that are raised in the Luminous Church. Here the Children get orders and are sent to hunt for the witches that were spotted in the Canal. 




The game, Luminous Arc, uses a battlefield grid, which is viewed from an isometric perspective. The players can use special attacks for battles and can even view small sequences that feature intermission, mascot, and Kopin, and this helps the player to get to know about the other character more. Apart from the single-player mode, the game also has a multiplayer fighting mode. If the player uses the special attacks, their Flash meter will start to increase, and they can use these Flash Points to perform even more powerful attacks called Flash Drive. Interestingly, even some enemies can use Flash Drive. Now that's so interesting, right? Where the player and opponents have the same powers!


Best Emulator for Luminous Arc ROM


As the game Luminous Arc is developed for the NDS, you need to download and install a Nintendo DS emulator on your device if you want to play the game. There are many incredible Nintendo DS emulators that you can run on Windows PC or MAC, and some of them can be run on both, such as the RetroArch and DeSmuMe. Other Nintendo DS emulators that you can run on Windows PC include Citra, MelonDS, NO$GBA, and so on. 


Similar Games


If you love playing role-playing games like Luminous Arc and wish to play other games in the series of Luminous Arc, then the games listed down are for you!


  1. Luminous Arc 2
    Just like Luminous Arc, this is a tactical role-playing game, which is the second game in the series. Luminous Arc 2 takes place in the Kingdom of Carnava, where magic supports daily life and peace is maintained. However, the monsters called Beast Fiends begin to arrive and destroy everything. Here, the player tries to solve the crisis happening in the Kingdom, using his new power and magic. 

  2. Luminous Arc 3
    Luminous Arc 3 takes place in the Royal Kingdom of Saint Bardia, and here even though the witches had ceased to exist, Magi carried their legacy. And two new people also connected with the witches, who are the Holy Witch Sylvia and Sarah, who wants to become a witch. The gameplay of Luminous Arc 3 is similar to the previous games, along with few enhancements. 

  3. Luminous Arc Infinity
    Luminous Arc Infinity has some changes to the gameplay where the game is with turn-based battles, which take place on the grid. Unlike the other games, where multiple endings are there according to the actions by the player as each one is different. 
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