MegaMan Battle Network 5 - Double Team DS

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File Name: 0150 - MegaMan Battle Network 5 - Double Team DS (U)(Mode 7).7z
Console/System: NDS
Genre: Role Playing
Filesize: 10.28MB
Region: USA
Year of release: 2005
Downloads: 3348

MegaMan Battle Network 5 - Double Team DS ROM Download for NDS


Capcom released the game in the year 2004 for the Game Boy Advance and the Nintendo DS. It's the fifth title in the Mega Man Battle Network series and also the first game of the Mega Man franchise to get a release on the Nintendo. This game combines the traditional role-playing with action-oriented combat. In the game, the real world and cyberspace are present as two separate universes. Lan, a young boy, roams around and interacts with the people in the real world. Navi named Mega Man discovers cyber chambers in the virtual world and takes part in the battles against evil Navis, called viruses. Often, the real world and cyberspace affect each other as the things you do in the real world activate or unlock the machine in cyberspace, and vice versa. Combat happens in real-time on a three grid that's split equally into player and enemy areas. Naturally, the aim is to deplete the enemy's health meters before they wipe out yours. 

Game Plot

Lan Hikari along with his friends Dex, Yai and Mayl go to SciLab to see his father's Yuichiro project. Mysterious agents take over the lab and kidnap Yuichiro and steal the PETs (it contains programmed avatars called NetNavis) of everyone present there. Lan managed to save his PET. The agents were sent by the crime syndicate Nebula led by Dr Regal, and he takes over the Net with the help of NetNavis and Dark chip. Lan meets other NetNavis owners and recruits them to fight against the Nebula. Together they freed Net but later found out that this is just a diversion and Regal's real plan is something else. He wants the Hikari report, which can create an internet network that connects the minds and souls of humans and NetNavis, known as SoulNet. In the final battle, Land enters the Nebula base, fights Dr Regal along with his team.



Best Emulator for MegaMan Battle Network 5 - Double Team

The player should have NDS emulators to play this game. The DuoS emulator is one of the finest emulators, and the best thing about this emulator is that it works quickly for Windows computers. It is effortless and straightforward to get. For Android, the best choice is NDS4droid. It's an open-source, multilingual emulator. Another best emulator is Citra, which is a user-friendly, open-source program and runs most of the DS games efficiently.

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