Yoshi's Island DS (EvlChiken)

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File Name: 0661 - Yoshi's Island DS (U)(EvlChiken).7z
Console/System: NDS
Genre: Platform
Filesize: 18.63MB
Region: USA
Year of release: 2006
Downloads: 694

Yoshi's Island DS (EvlChiken) ROM Download for NDS


It is a platforming video game released in 2006 for the Nintendo DS by Nintendo. The game is the sequel to Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island and critical success. The story revolves around the Yoshi clan as they try to save the new-born children from Kamek. There are some new additions like Baby Peach, Baby Wario and Baby Donkey Kong and the Baby Bowser in the DS version. The evil wizard, Kamek, already beaten once by Yoshis, again kidnaps Baby Luigi and Baby Mario and the other babies in the globe. Due to a collision between his minion and stork, some babies escape with Baby Mario and Luigi. Yoshi then decides to stop Kamek and his evil plans. Yoshi's Island is a run and jumps platformer game. The gameplay involves you exiting while pouncing on enemies, to the other side of the level. There are fifty levels scattered around the game, and they are quite exciting and provide variety to the game. You also have to fight a gigantic boss at the end or even the middle of each world. Yoshi has an impressive set of abilities; he can jump, run, and flutter. 

Game Plot

The game aims to rescue Baby Mario and Baby Luigi from Kamek. Yoshi also has additional help in baby Peach, Baby Wario, Baby Donkey Kong and stork. Later Baby Wario becomes greedy, and in lust, for treasure, he abandons the group, while Baby Bowser gets captured by Kamek. Eventually, the game reveals Kamek's sinister plan for kidnapping all the babies. He and Bowser travel back in time and search for star children. They are seven babies whose heart contains immense power necessary for Kamek to take control of the world. Bowser then betrays the Yoshi group and leaves them. Despite this, the Yoshi's and babies defeat Kamek and Bowser and retrieve Baby Luigi and the other babies. Now, there is peace, and the storks continue to transport the babies to their particular homes. There is also a post-credit scene that reveals the star children: Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Baby Donkey Kong, Baby Peach, Baby Bowser, Baby Wario and a seventh-star child Baby Yoshi. 

Best Emulator for Yoshi's Island DS

This game requires an NDS emulator. And one of the best emulators for windows and Mac is DeSmuMe. It is the perfect emulator that plays Nintendo DS games on your computer. It is free from bugs and has many customisation features that give you the liberty to change the graphics and controller settings. The NDS emulator for android allows you to play the game on your smartphone. For that the best choice is NDS4droid. It works smoothly and has features like built-in Action Replay cheats and save states.


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