Naruto: Path of the Ninja 2

File Name:2781 - Naruto - Path of the Ninja 2 (U)(XenoPhobia).7z
Year of release:2008

Naruto: Path of the Ninja 2 ROM Download for NDS

It's a role-playing video game released for the NDS in the year 2006. The game is a sequel to the Naruto: Path of the Ninja and is a mixture of the principles of the original anime with RPG elements like battles and overworld. It's a game for the fans of the anime. The game starts with some guys who want to awaken the Beast Demon, which sets up a motion which leads to the death of a girl's grandfather. The girl goes to Hidden Leaf Village and asks for Naruto help. Naruto and friends are all in to stop the Demon. They have to find five magical mirrors to trap the Demon.



The game has elements like turn-based strategic battles and exploration of overworlds. There are Naruto techniques, like Ninja themes and magic Ninja techniques- Chakra. During the fight, the battlefield splits into twelve squares. Each square occupies three characters at a time. The placement of characters on each square depends on their ability, for instance, placed at the front it can increase the damage they give and take, and the same at the back. Each character has a unique Chakra technique. The player can unleash Chakra with the performance of specific commands with the Stylus. There is a total number of thirty characters in the game. 



  1. Random Enemy Encounters
    These encounters occur as the player wanders the world. There is a lot of combat with various ninja, monsters, samurai, and pirates.

  2. Online Battle Mode
    Players can take their team online and fight other players in online fights. It's fun and exciting to see additional player's characters and their strategies.

  3. Adventuring Aspects
    There is so much treasure to collect during the eight hours of the quest. The collectable is in different places like on top of the cliffs or in poisonous lakes players continuously have to search for appropriate rock smashers, wall-crawlers or Lake Crosser. 


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